Marketing Machinations – 4 Traditional Marketing Strategies That Still Work

Marketing Machinations – 4 Traditional Marketing Strategies That Still Work

While adapting with the times is important, that’s not to say we need to put all of our old practices in the bin and start from scratch every time an innovation comes along. When executed correctly, certain traditional marketing strategies can be just as effective in today’s economic climate as they were when they were first devised. In most cases, what works well will depend on both your business model and your target market, but there are some practices which can be utilized across almost any company. We’ve put together a list of four tried and true methods that have stood the test of time. Read on to find out more.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind.

Even though consumers now have a literal world full of businesses at their fingertips, they are still more likely to do business with a company whom they know and trust. While having good standing in the community positions you well for the local market, a wider reach is often desired. This is generally where your online presence shows its importance, but the shift to technology has meant that many businesses have forgotten how effective something as simple as a promotional product can be.

Providing customers with a purposeful, branded item will not only add value to their life, but it will also remind them of you every time they use it. This subconsciously builds a deeper relationship between your company and the consumer, which often means that next time they require something you provide, they’ll be coming to you for their business.


While newsletters are often sent out via email rather than by post these days, they have mostly retained their traditional format and can still be a highly effective marketing tool.

Greater emphasis may now be placed on keeping communication short and aesthetically pleasing, but it is still possible to effectively leverage a mailing list to keep current and prospective clients up to date with specials other important information about your business.

Above the Line Marketing

The effectiveness of traditional channels such as television and radio should not be underestimated. While the shift tow streaming media has altered consumers’ viewing and listening habits, above the line channels can still produce solid results as long as your company provides quality content.

Service With Style

Another traditional method of elevating business growth and gaining customers is providing excellent customer service. Although ensuring your customers leave happy isn’t technically a marketing technique, the importance of providing a positive experience has never been higher. Consumers are more discerning than ever and they’re willing to wait on postage or travel to ensure quality. While this means increased competition, it can also offer the opportunity to greatly increase your customer base. Providing an engaging online experience paired with quality in-store service is one of the best ways to ensure repeat visits from current clients, while also supporting your efforts to acquire new ones.

Society is constantly evolving and to devise entirely new marketing practices at the same rate would be almost impossible. Luckily, these classic methods can often be adapted in order to retain their effectiveness, while others can still exist in their original format when done well.

Staying afloat shouldn’t mean leaving your company values behind, and many of the practices that have gotten you this far will continue to serve you well into the future. If you ensure that everything within your control is done to the highest possible standard, then your marketing practices (both traditional and new) will fall into place with the rest of your strategy.

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