10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Mattresses

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Mattresses

Even though sleeping is a major part of our life, and most of us spend one-third of our lives on the bed, we rarely question its existence. Despite being a vital component of our rest, we never think about mattresses as they should be. We underestimate their influence on our lives and ignore it as another mere piece of furniture. Well in reality mattresses play a significant role in our lives. Not only is their vitality limited to sleeping, but they also impact our neurological and biological existence. It hasn’t been there since the beginning. It is a pleasantly welcomed universal innovation that has turned many heads and straightened many spines. Since its first steps, it has become a necessity in human life. And like all necessities, it is a mother of invention!

Mattresses have a long history of revolutions so this hunk of foam and springs is not ordinary by any means. It harbors very interesting secrets that will tickle your curiosity. These facts have been obscured by the sheer cover of ignorance, and we are here to unveil them. They will not only increase your knowledge but might also make you rethink before lying on your bed. From being more than 5000 years old and forming a habitat of millions of dust mites to water beds and comfortable spring oils kingliving mattresses offer; all these amazing facts will leave you bewildered. One thing is for certain, you wouldn’t have heard these things before, so prep up your ears and let your eyes open wide with amusement:

1. Mattress originated from Arabic and means “throw”

Back in the old days, as old as Crusades, mattresses first came into being. And the funny thing is, that it originated because the beddings were awful. The beddings were just a bunch of straw tied up using a coarse binding. So the crusader specifically traveled to the Middle East to discover the comfortable mattress available there. The Arabs were ahead in innovations and they have already uncovered the joy of sleeping on cushions. This cushion type bed was called Matrah, which is devised from the Arabic word taraha. The literal meaning of this word is to “throw.” Thus over the years, it has modernized into the word mattress which we have become accustomed too!

2. The first coil springs weren’t used in mattresses

Coil springs are way older than mattresses because they were not first used for making beds. They were invented in 1857 but not placed in mattresses until 1865. This is because they were too busy uplifting chairs. It was not until the end of War that people realized that sleeping is more important than sitting and transferred the coil technology to the world of beds. It was the second most impactful event of that decade; the first one being the civil war. Within a year these coil spring mattresses became famous and were immediately patented by the clever thinker! However, it was not until 1930 that manufacturers came up with the idea to advance col springs into innerspring mattresses. Thus began the new era of revolutionary mattresses which become very popular. It is what paved the way for the modern mattress that you know of today.

3. The water bed is not even from this century

Of you think that water bed mattresses were created in the age of peace and love, aka this century then you are wrong. It is a misconception that they were built in the 1970s by swingers adorning polyester. In reality, they are as old as the Romans themselves. Sorry to break it to you, but our ancestors built those 5000 years before us. It is amazing how they created such comforts without any tools that exist today. Even all these centuries ago, in 3600 BCE the royalty ordered these for their comfort. These were taken as an extreme form of luxury. They were made form goatskins which were filled with warm water. The royal family would lie on them and the heat and coziness would make them drowsy and lead to deep slumber!

4. A mattress has between 100,000 and 10 million dust mites in it

You might think this fact as to gross and farfetched, but typically your mattress can hold up to 10 million dust mites. It’s not something to be afraid of as dust mites inhabit mattresses easily. This is because traditional innerspring mattresses come with a lot of spaces in between. This becomes an ideal spot for these microscopic critters to build their homes. They reproduce in rapid numbers. You should be careful about these if you are allergic to these little guys as they can create major problems if not dealt with promptly. Moreover, as they can expand tremendously, it’s best to fumigate mattresses frequently before these thousand become million and force you to throw out your foam!  

5. They are macho enough to can open flames 

The US Federal Law has made it compulsory for all mattresses making companies develop only such mattresses that don’t set on fire easily. This nonflammable attribute only lasts for less than a minute but it saves lives as it reduces the impact caused by fire. It is not a sign of machismo rather it is a legal compulsion, Mattresses all around the US should be able to withstand an open flame for at least 30 seconds so that no one uses the low-quality combustible material. Just don’t try experimenting on your mattress!

6. Mattresses also gain weight over time

As we humans gain weight with time if we stop looking after ourselves, similarly mattresses also increase in mass. This is not magic. Rather it is a gradual increase over time as it accumulates dust mites, sweat, and dead skin cells. So over ten years, it can even double up in weight.

7. No mattress purchase on Sundays in Washington

This is quite a quirky fact but the state of Washington has indeed made it unlawful to purchase mattresses on Sundays. The reason is obscure to date and no one knows why this law exists. But it is enforced and followed. So don’t make the mistake of waiting till Sunday to purchase your mattress if you reside in Washington!

8. Sleep tight isn’t an ordinary saying

Mattresses previously weren’t laid on beds. They were hanged by ropes tied around. So this delightful goodnight phrase ‘sleep tight’ originated from these ropes as they were tightened to prevent them from sagging. So it was said as a functional reminder for better sleep rather than an endearment.

9. Ease of fitted sheet wasn’t available until 1958

You must be thinking why fitted sheets have made it to this list? This is because it has made life with a mattress as easy as a pie. It is perhaps the best thing that happened for homemakers, and cleaners all around the world. But this wasn’t introduced until 1958 by Berta Berman, a woman who was fed of making sheets again and again. So before that most women around the world dreaded organizing the bed sheets and mattresses all the time. After that mattresses were never the same again, as they hardly showed because the fitted bed sheet covered them perfectly.

10. Anything can be recycled so why not mattresses

Usually, people throw out their old mattresses. This is because they don’t know they can recycle them. Not only does their lack of this fact harm the environment but it also prevents them from optimally reusing their foam. You can either donate them to a charity that can make the most out of them or turn them into sofas or chairs. The internet is full of mattress recycling ways so turn into an eco-conscious mattress savant now

We hope that these facts do increase your knowledge. May they lead to better treatment your mattresses receive? We also hope that you no longer undervalue your mattresses and understand their true worth.   

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