10 Ideas For Adding Value To Your Home
10 ideas for adding value to your home

10 Ideas For Adding Value To Your Home

Want to ensure you get the asking price – or more – when you sell your home? If so, read on – we’ve put together 10 ideas for adding value to your home to help you create an attractive, sellable property that will entice viewers and potential buyers.



1.Fix your structural issues


Leaking roofs, cracks in the wall, rotten joints – all of them will make prospective buyers either run a mile or reduce their offer. Make sure your home is in good structural nick before putting your home on the market.



2. Upgrade your central heating


Homes with old heating systems will make buyers think twice – or reduce their offer. You can stop this happening by ensuring that your heating is up to date, economical, and efficient. Don’t worry about the cost – it will add more value to our home than the initial outlay in the vast majority of cases.



3. Update wiring and services


Your electrical wiring, plumbing, and other ‘behind the scenes’ wiring may not have been upgraded for decades. If this is the case, consider doing it yourself – your property will be a lot more desirable than before as a result.



4. Decorate


You don’t have to spend a fortune on basic decor and repairs, but making your home look fresh, clean and well looked after will also make it more appealing to buyers.



5. Loft conversion


If you have loft space, why not create an extra room or two up there? Adding rooms can increase the value of your home significantly, although you will need to speak to contractors carefully to avoid overspending.



6. New windows


Yes, double – or triple – glazing upgrades can cost a lot. But they add considerable value to your home, too. However, bear in mind that if you live in a period property, it can often be a wise move to keep the original windows in as they have aesthetic value.



7. Revamp the kitchen


Again, you don’t have to spend a fortune on the kitchen., But it does need to be clean and fresh. People want to imagine themselves cooking and having family time in the kitchen – not scraping grease off the walls.



8. Revamp the bathroom


People also like clean, modern bathrooms – for obvious reasons. If you can’t afford a full refurb, try using grout cleaner on your tiles – they should scrub up as good as new. Also, replace things like old shower curtains, toilet brushes, and bathroom blinds.



9. Install solar panels


People love to know they are going to save money, and given that solar is energy-efficient in a variety of different ways, they will be willing to pay for the pleasure. Yes, it’s expensive. But it does pay for itself – and more.



10. Garden makeover


Everyone loves a good garden, so don’t forget about this key selling point. An attractive, well-designed, and tidy garden can make a fantastic first impression. Consider privacy issues, as well as appearance, if you want to draw out the big spenders.


And there you have it – 10 ideas for adding value to your home and some simple ways you can ensure you get your asking price, or even more. Happy renovating and good luck with the sale!

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