10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Frame for your Pictures

10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Frame for your Pictures

What should you pay attention to when buying a picture frame? Finding the right picture frame is not a big art – if you pay attention to a few things. So that you do not miss the next frame purchase, we have put together some tips for you.

The right format

Sounds banal, but is essential: choose the right size frame, but also, in the right format. An example: Do you have a landscape image? Then make sure that the frame also has hangers on the long side. If in doubt, you better buy the picture frame a little too big than too small. Because the frame is too small, you have to cut off some of the pictures and possibly destroy values.

On the other hand, you can cover the excess surface with a mat if the frame is too large. It even looks particularly sophisticated. You can discuss the right format with the frame experts at picture framing St Kilda.

With or without a mat?

It is usually good for a picture if you also put it in a mat. The oblique cut of the opening does not draw the eye to the picture. This also gets “air” to breathe because it is not squeezed directly onto the frame. The acid-free cardboard of a good mat keeps harmful substances out of the picture. You should buy the frame accordingly larger so that the mat looks good. There is a simple method for deciding whether a passe-partout should be included: Imagine the picture with and without a passe-partout. You will quickly figure out what looks better on your own.

Choice of material

Would you like classic wood as a material for your picture frame? Then the question arises which type of wood is the right one. To find out, look for the furniture in your apartment. The color of the frame wood should suit you. But maybe you already have enough wood in your four walls and would prefer a metal or aluminum frame.

This can provide an attractive contrast to the warm ambience of the wood. Clip frames are very suitable for offices and business premises, for certificates and certificates. Colorful plastic frames are probably very popular in children’s and youth rooms – ask your children about their favorite color!

Which glass should it be?

Not only the frame material of a picture frame can be selected, but also the glass. Normal glass is good for small to medium-sized frames that are hung in rooms without strong light sources. There are other types of glass for other situations. For example, the shatterproof, lightweight synthetic glass: this is best used for large frames. Both normal glass and synthetic glass are available in the anti-reflective version. This is recommended if you have a light source in a room that can dazzle. For example, this is already the case with large windows through which the sun shines. Please use anti-reflective glass here. There is also UV protection for the glass. We recommend it for special, valuable pictures or paintings: UV protection prevents yellowing.


You choose the color of a picture frame either to match the picture – that is, the frame color appears in the picture – or to suit the environment. Contrast can also have a good effect; think, for example, of etching in black and white, which is surrounded by a bright red frame.

Line up nicely

A popular and classic solution is to hang two or more pictures in a row. You must not place the works too high. Therefore, make sure that a third of the image is above the average eye level of 1.60 meters and two thirds below it. The pictures do not hang too high. Do you have a large, eye-catching work of art at home? It needs space to work. So hang or put it on a large wall and do not compete with voluminous furniture and wild wallpaper and textiles in the immediate vicinity.

Choose the same picture frame and pay attention to even distances. The eye is reluctant to forgive such inaccuracies.

Also, note the correct height here and place the entire composition with one third above the average eye level of 1.60 meters and two thirds below.

Also, take up the color scheme of the motifs in the furniture – that looks chic and harmonious. Like here the brownish grain in the vase and the dark blue chair – shades that you can also find in the pictures.


Why not add pretty decorations to pretty pictures? As here in this example, with the Petersburg hanging and the additional letters and signs made of wood.

In these examples, the images were hung exactly on one or more edges. In the horizontal or also in the vertical. When planning such an arrangement, first lay the ensemble on the floor and arrange until it fits. When it comes to hanging it up, it needs precise measurement and manual dexterity. Because also here applies: our eye and our feeling for harmony do not forgive inaccuracies.

The merger

Does your picture get along nicely with the others? You can also make a picture out of several pictures. By hanging all the frames edge to edge so that the motifs merge. However, such a hanging only works harmoniously if the color worlds, subjects and picture frames fit together.

Picture strips are also very popular. This is a must especially for those who love decorating among us. The pictures are on the bar and can be quickly rearranged or replaced. And pretty home accessories can of course also be placed between the works.

Design your staircase

Do not forget the stairway transfer zone. Here you can also decorate beautifully with pictures. For example, by taking up the stairs in the hanging.

Consider leaning against the wall

Who says pictures have to hang on the wall? Simply placing them on the floor and leaning against the wall looks casual and pretty cool. Before we go, make sure you know how to choose a perfect photo frame.


A white wall as a background – you cannot go wrong there. After all, practically all art galleries and museums have white walls. But if you pick up a color of the image subject and paint the wall in this way, the image appears much more intense and expressive. The following applies: the darker the color, the more it catapults the colored into the spotlight and gives it absolute luminosity. Also, read the column on black walls. These tips will help you get the most suitable picture frames according to your needs.

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