10 Things You Will Need For Setting Up A Child Care Centre

10 Things You Will Need For Setting Up A Child Care Centre

Each time a parent drops their child off at a child care center, they get this unsettling feeling in their gut. They know it has to be done, work constraints or personal constraints keep them from doing otherwise. However, it probably would not have been easy dropping off your child in someone else’s care, in fact, entrusting them with your child.

Let’s switch roles here: setting up and then running a child care facility is anything but a child’s play. You have been given the responsibility of someone’s child. A child is capable of all sorts of emotions without any limited boundaries and regulations. The entire process might seem overwhelming for a novice. Understandably so, not to a professional.

Setting up a child care facility would take a lot more than just a playpen or a crib. It takes proper planning, budgeting and managing to successfully establish and run a facility. Child care brokers are there to make matters easier on you by taking much of the stress out of your hands. However, if you’re looking to start up your daycare, you might want to go through a few essentials first. 

Invest In An Evacuation Crib

What’s the most distinguishable feature of a child’s room? Their crib, of course. A crib is not meant to serve only to face value. It provides safety, comfort, and functionality – all without compromising on the other. Several product specifications have to be acknowledged before you settle on a particular design for a crib.
Personally, having a multifunctional crib that would convert to an evacuation crib would be an ideal choice for a daycare facility. Such cribs are made with added safety features such as wheels and grip handles.

Clear View End Panels To Make Your Days Easier

As the owner or manager of a child care centre, you will not be responsible for one child. Instead, you’ll have to keep an eye out for numerous children all at once. How? Make it a lot easier on yourself by having clear view end panels. These cribs are specifically designed to allow for visibility from all angles.


If you’re in any luck, the child that you have been entrusted with will probably wear themselves out soon enough for you to put them to bed. A major portion of your time would be spent having to put the child to sleep.
Investing in a good mattress will come in handy for you and the child. Comfortable crib mattresses are promoting relaxing nap times for children away from home. Make sure your mattresses are clean, easily disinfected and soft enough to feel like a dream.

Feeding Chairs

Eat, sleep and repeat: that’s probably a baby’s motto. Now that you have the sleeping part covered, it’s time to come to the eating. Investing in feeding chairs will not come as a costly purchase. It would save you time and energy.
A feeding chair has to be bought with a sturdy harness, a secure belt, and adequate working area. Feeding chairs will be routinely used and have to be made adjustable to multiple children.


Child care facilities all across the world operate in a manner that would not seem too unfamiliar to the child. Similar to a child’s room at home, the facility is made vibrant and playful. As such, it has a homey vibe to it. Playpens are ideal in such a situation because locking children in one room is damaging.
Instead, having them grouped in a playpen would make it easier to keep an eye on them whilst also going about other matters for the children.

Storage Units And A Whole Lot Of Toys

Toys – That’s what will keep a child from finding his or her way into any other room. Distracting a child with a toy is an age-old technique to get a minute of peace. Child care facilities have to have adequate toys equipped at their disposal. These toys have to be safe to use and functional as well.
Furthermore, storage units to keep these toys is equally as important. Having pieces lying here and there is all fun until playtime is over and you’re made to pick up the mess.

Marketing Your Facility

Thus far, we’ve talked about equipment that would keep your facility up. Now, we’ll talk about something that will keep your facility running: marketing. Marketing anything can be challenging especially something that would require a lot of trust.
Nothing requires more trust than a child care facility. Hence, you would have to market in a clear cut fashion to prospecting clients. Harness the power of social media by posting pictures of children’s activities and your equipment. Make your vision clear and display it.

Activity Supplies

No one said your facility has to be boring. With rising work constraints and specifications, more and more parents are resorting to having their child enrolled at a child care facility. Adversely, there are a lot more facilities to choose from nowadays.
What will set you apart is what you have besides eating and sleeping. For example; having supplies for numerous activities and days assigned for such activities. Parents prefer facilities that they feel will give them the best returns for their investments.

Stepping Stools

With one child, it would have been easier individually carrying them around to help them out. With any more than two, it becomes a problem. You can not monitor each kid. You need to be able to give them enough room and liberty to do things without you. For example; having stepping stools around sinks and toy shelves.


As aforementioned, what sets your facility apart is what would invite clients. Allowing for walks is one such thing. Many parents feel more comfortable with knowing that their child is looked after properly and not just monitored robotic-like while they are away.


Setting a child care facility is no easier than running one. You would have to go through all the details before you even think of opening your doors. This means having a clear vision of what you want to incorporate in your facility.

What comes next is working towards achieving that vision. Making your facility stand out with equipment and activities is one such example. Furthermore, you can work on increasing your social media reach to get the buzz started on your facility.  These are all but some of the essentials in keeping your daycare facility up and running for years to come. Looking after children is not easy, do not make it any harder than it needs to be!

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