10 Thrifty Travel Tips For Aussies

10 Thrifty Travel Tips For Aussies

Between its lovely climate, unique culture and wonderful wildlife, Australia is a pretty cool place to live and perfect for a staycation.

However, sometimes Australians do venture further afield, whether for work, pleasure or family purposes – and air travel makes it much better connected to the rest of the world than once was the case.

If you’re an Aussie heading off on your holidays soon and need some ‘fair dinkum’ advice about saving your cash for the most important things, these 10 thrifty travel tips will float your boat big time.

1. Proficient packing

By packing as neatly as possible, you can avoid travelling with unnecessary items and save yourself from being charged for excess luggage. Using the PackPoint app helps you pack smart – it creates a curated list of essential items based on the weather at your destination and activities you have planned.

2. Luggage scales

If you want to be double-sure that your neatly packed luggage is under the maximum weight limit, after using PackPoint, invest in some affordable electronic luggage scales – they’re available on eBay for under $6.

3. Local accommodation

There’s an amazing choice of accommodation available on Airbnb – from spartan and sparse to posh and palatial. But you’ll usually find authentic local lodgings at your destination at a more affordable rate than many hotels.

4. Hostel heaven

If you don’t mind bedding down in a communal space, staying in a hostel can often be the cheapest option for a centrally-located place to stay but find a recommended room on Hostelworld and stay safe while you save.

5. Clever couponing

Still paying top dollar for everything from eating out to sports tickets and tourist attractions? Check out the deals on a coupon site like Groupon and you’ll soon be cutting your expenditure.

6. Vegan diet essentials

Not every country is well supported with vegan eating emporiums, so if you follow a plant-based diet you’re sometimes forced to carry expensive pre-packed food or resort to soggy salads. The HappyCow app solves these problems – available for android and iOS, it locates your nearest, rated, vegan outlet worldwide.

7. Perfect plane seats

Flying cabin class is cheap, but paying to upgrade to a comfy seat is often prohibitively expensive. However, SeatGuru.com’s aeroplane seating maps allow you to check in and claim the comfiest seats gratis.

8. Sweet upgrades

If there’s one thing busy cabin crewmembers crave above all else, it’s fresh chocolates, sweets and pastries. Carry some with you the next time you fly, present them to them on entry and you’ve got a great chance of grabbing a free upgrade in return.

9. Reasonable flights

Your flight is probably going to be your biggest expense, but minimise its impact with the outstanding deals available at comparison site hopper.com.

10. Cheap parking

Reaching your departure hub in your own ride is often calmer than public transport, especially with kids in tow and Looking4.com has airport parking for Mackay, Melbourne and every other Aussie hub – early birds grab big bargains.

So ends our list, but share your own thrifty tips for Aussie travellers in the comments section.

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