10 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

10 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

When you look at getting yourself a family home, it’s not always easy to think about the value of it. Because when you buy a property, it’s usually because you want to set down roots, and enjoy the next 20, 30, or 40 years there as a family – not always to make money. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t think about trying to make money from your property at the same time. Because if you have the choice, and you’re able to get more out of your property than what you already are, wouldn’t you want to? Surely the only answer is yes.

However, trying to add value to your home isn’t something that is always a given. Some things aren’t always going to work for every house, or in every area. So you have to be smart about things. First of all, you should look into what the maximum amount a house in your street can be worth – because there will be a top limit. And you should never look to spend over that. If you’re really going to increase the value, it has to be in a profitable way. So although the things we’re about to talk over can increase your home’s value, not all of them will be suitable for your property. Think them over carefully and then decide on which will help to add value to your home.


The first option is always to extend. If you have the room and you can get the relevant permits, adding an extension is always going to allow you to up the value of your home. It’s also great to get more space. Whether you want to do a single story to increase the size of your kitchen, or a full-sized extension to add on more bedrooms, you’ll find that you can get more from your home, and more value, by adding on.


Next, you should think about converting any unused spaces in the home. If you don’t use your attic or basement, then why not turn them into usable living spaces? Attic and basement conversions can be relatively easy jobs and can add up to 15% more value to your home. If you wanted to add a theater room or an extra bedroom, this is a great way to be able to do that too. Price wise, it can be a cheaper alternative to an extension too.

Add A Garage

And what about your garage? Some houses will come with one as part of the property, but these can often be made to better use as a living space. But you may find that you still need a garage to park your car and for storage. When that’s the case, think about building a stand-alone garage or a carport that you can use these. This can be an important part to buyers, but will also ensure that you’re not compromising on living space to get it.

Improve The Parking

From here, you could also think about how else you’re going to improve the parking situation. Parking is a huge selling point and will always add value to your home, but don’t always assume that adding a garage will be enough. Sometimes, you need to work on creating the right driveway too. So think about what you need to do to your driveway to ensure that you’ve improved the parking situation all-round.


Another killer selling feature that will add value to your home is kerb appeal. You need to ensure that your front and back yards are looking great. So start thinking about landscape designs that will suit your property, and work with designers to get the look right. With a landscaped yard front and back, you will always increase the value of your home.

Build A Patio

While you’re looking at creating a great outside space that will not only add value to your property, but that you can make the most out of too, you should definitely be thinking about building a patio space too. For this, you should choose the right flooring and look into combination roof options for a cover too. Then, not only will you be able to dine al fresco, you’ll be making the most of your landscaping and pushing the value too.


Next, you’re going to want to move inside and think about what you can do here to increase the value. The very first thing you need to do is upgrade and modernize your kitchen and bathrooms. With a kitchen upgrade, it’s always useful to be working with more room, and you should always look to redo the bathrooms that you already have too. With modern fittings and fixtures, you instantly add value.

Add More Baths

Next, you need to be thinking about adding in more bathrooms. Half-baths can be a great way to add value. While you may not need a full washroom downstairs, you should think about having at least one half. And you may find that adding half-baths on to each bedroom can increase your value by 5-10% too. But again, you’re going to have to make sure that this is both feasible and cost-effective when you’re working out your plans.

Redo The Decor

Then, you’re going to want to think about modernizing the decor. You don’t have to go overly wild with this. But you will definitely find that a lick of paint and replacing the flooring can work wonders in most rooms. And you’ll get to put your own spin on things too.

Have A Good Spring Clean

Finally, think about having a good clean out too. Cleaning should be apart of the process you conduct initially, but if you are having a valuation, or you’re looking at having viewers come round if you’re thinking of selling, you need to ensure you’ve done a thorough clean of everything first. This can be especially important after all major building works have been done, as you can find dust just about everywhere!


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