17 Best Corporate Gift Ideas

17 Best Corporate Gift Ideas

Corporate gifts are tangible ways for clients to remember your brand long after you’ve left the boardroom. In today’s world though, classic corporate gifts like flowers and postcards are no longer appreciated; you need to think outside the box. Here are the 17 best corporate gift ideas to keep you at the forefront of clients’ minds.

1 Branded high-quality notebooks

Beautiful notebooks with luxurious covers from companies such as Moleskin are useful, clever corporate gifts. If it’s in your budget, emboss your logo on the spine or cover.

2. Succulent terrarium

Succulents are trendy, easy to care for, and a great way to brighten any office. Add a stencil of your brand to the side of the pot to keep your company in everyone’s mind.

3. Custom printed shirts

Funny custom phrases on stylish t-shirts are the perfect way to help clients remember your company. Whether they wear the shirts to the gym, at home, or around town, ensure your logo is visible to make your company memorable.

4. Custom re-usable water bottle

Re-usable water bottles are environmentally friendly, and thanks to awareness about plastic, a part of most people’s daily life. Add your brand to a silicon, or glass re-usable bottle, and your clients will carry your brand with them wherever they go.

5. Portable battery bank

Devices rule the modern world, and a low battery can ruin anyone’s day. Small battery banks with cleverly placed branding near a USB port are the perfect corporate gift.

6. Online classes

Websites such as masterclass.com offer everything from cooking to tennis lessons. Your clients will love the chance to learn a new skill, and will remember you for it.

7. Local short courses

Wine appreciation evenings and one-night cooking classes have become super trendy, and your clients will love the opportunity to explore a passion with your gift.

8. Restaurant gift card

Going out to new restaurants is one of the most popular activities in the city, and your clients will love a voucher for one of your city’s best new eateries. Pop the voucher inside a hand-written, branded gift card to ensure your company is associated with the gift.

9. Beer brewing kit

Micro breweries are popping up everywhere, and your clients will love the chance to try their hand at brewing. Add some branding to a beer brewing kit, and your clients will think of you every time they sip their home-made beverages.

10. Custom sports balls

If your clients have a regular sports game at their office, or you know they love golf or basketball, a branded sports ball if the perfect gift. Choose a good quality ball, and your clients will have it for years.

11. Branded coffee beans

Coffee beans are a great gift for clients who have an in-office espresso machine. Plain brown paper bags with your logo on the bag helps keep your company on everyone’s mind during coffee break.

12. Eco-friendly coffee pods

Plastic coffee pods are no longer popular due to their huge yield of plastic rubbish, but thanks to new eco brands, your clients can still enjoy creamy coffee pods. This gift is harder to personalise, so reserve this gift for clients who know you well.

13. Tea Blend Sampler

Tea sampler boxes offer everything from caffeinated Indian blends to soothing herbal fruit blends, and are a great gift for clients. Great tea companies will often allow you to personalise their boxes, so add your logo for the perfect corporate gift.

14. Food delivery voucher

Everyone loves a free lunch at the office, and a Deliveroo or Ubereats voucher is the perfect way to treat your clients. Ensure the delivery comes with some branded postcards or a well-written notecard so everyone munching knows who to thank.

15. Charity Donation

When you know a client well, you can make a donation to a charity close to their hearts.

16. Gourmet Food Basket

Fresh biscuits, sauces, chocolate, antipasto and wine never go astray in the lunchroom, and a sumptuous gourmet food basket with a cleverly-branded card will always be popular.

17. Toiletry Bag

This gift is perfect for clients from small companies, as it’s useful and can be embossed with your logo. It’s a bit pricey for more than a few people though, so reserve it for small teams.

Corporate gifts are an important way to keep your company at the forefront of your clients’ minds, and if you choose a useful, clever gift, your clients will love your for it.and.

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