17 Bright Ideas to Add Colour to Your Rooms

17 Bright Ideas to Add Colour to Your Rooms

It’s never nice to live in a home you see as boring or dull. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring 17 bright ideas to help you to add some vibrancy and color to your home. So, if you want to make some improvements to this part of your home, you simply have to read on.

Cushions  – When adding color, subtlety is one of the best aims to have. With some simple but colorful cushions, you can give some life to almost any room.

Blankets – Getting comfortable will take more than just cushions, though, and those truly serious about their lazy days will want to embrace blankets, too. This option gives you loads of room to play with nice patterns and colors.

Curtains/Blinds – The windows in your home are often some of the most alluring, though a lot of people keep them dull. A company like Royal Crest Blinds can solve this sort of issue for you. But, of course, it’s worth looking for inspiration on sites like Instagram.

Flowers – There are few things in this world with the same natural beauty and variety as flowers. There are loads of different options to choose from, with a great selection being happy indoors.

A Terrarium – If you’d like a little bit of structure to your plant life, a terrarium can also be a great option. You’ll have to make this option for yourself. But, it will be worth it when you have a beautiful scene to enjoy.

Fruiting Plants – A lot of plants don’t have interesting colors or flowers to display. But, of course, some have much more on offer. Fruiting plants are a great example of this, giving you a way to have seasonal color in your home.

Paint – The paint on your walls will have a huge impact on the rooms in your home. Stenciled designs can add a lot of intrigue to a space, but simply color is often enough.

Carpets – Like your walls, the color of your floors will also have a big impact on your home. Thankfully, carpets are easy to choose, and you can find them in most cities and towns.

Tiles – Of course, though, not all floors can be soft, and some will need to be hard. To add color to your hard floors, secondhand tiles can often be your best option, adding some unexpected patterns and features to your flooring.

Paintings – Adorning your walls with interesting pictures is a great way to make your home feel alive with color. Like tiles, secondhand options will often get you the best value.

Ornaments – When you go into any well-decorated home, there will usually be one or two ornaments lying around. These objects can be almost anything, as long as they look nice.

Stones/Minerals – Most people won’t consider stone when they’re thinking about color. But, in reality, stones like topaz and quartz can add a huge amount to your rooms. It’s just a matter of finding ones you like.

Collectables – Along with ornaments and stones, collectable items can also have a good impression on your spaces. As long as they surround areas you like, this sort of item can be anything you like.

Lampshades – A lot of homes don’t rely solely on their ceiling lighting to illuminate the place. Instead, small lamps will be used, and this gives you a great chance to add some color. Lampshades come in a huge variety of styles and options.

Books – Books are another excellent way to add some color to your home. It doesn’t matter what they are, as long as they have interesting covers to show off.

Lights – Over the last few years, smart bulbs have become a lot more popular in homes. Giving you the power to choose colored over regular light, this sort of tools is great for homes which could benefit from being bathed in color.

Anything You Like – Finally, as your last option, it’s time for you to get creative. Interior design isn’t a set of rules. Instead, it’s a group of ideas which loads of people have contributed towards. Getting it right is just a matter of enjoying the space you create.

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