17 Bright Ideas for A Better Morning

17 Bright Ideas for A Better Morning

Now that it’s back to work and reality, it’s not always as easy to look and feel rested. While we hit the snooze-button time after time, finally dragging our tired bodies towards the bathroom fifteen minutes late, others show up at work with clear eyes and buckets of energy.

The problem is that they don’t really sleep that much more than the rest of us either – they’ve just discovered the secrets to a good night sleep and energising mornings.

1 Think discipline

First things first; your body and mind enjoy structure and needs to follow a steady schedule. You won’t feel as rested if you sleep seven hours one night and ten hours the next one – no matter how sound your night was.

2 Have a bedtime routine

Just like you’ll always prepare your body before a long and pleasant exercise, you should prepare your mind before hitting the sack with rest and meditation.

3 Have a bath before bed

A long bath and some calming music should help. Try to install a soft light in your bathroom, but give the emergency electrician a call if the wiring looks odd.

4 Prioritise sleep

Think about sleep like exercise and a balanced diet; you need to prioritise it to get it right, and you’ll be doing yourself a big injustice by skimping on it.

5 Don’t go to bed with your electronics

While it may be alright to go to bed with electronics in the future, they’re currently a bit too bright for our tired eyes. Leave the artificial light behind and sleep better.

6 Don’t eat too late

Eating too close to bedtime is almost as bad for you as having another cup of coffee at 8 pm. It will keep you awake, no matter what.

7 Go to the toilet

Make toilet habits a part of your bedtime routine and avoid waking up with a full bladder before it’s time to get up.

8 A cool bedroom

The temperature in your bedroom should also be to your liking – not too hot or too cold. Keep the windows open while you unwind and let it air out your room.

9 Keep it open at night too

Do yourself a favour and keep the window open even when you’re asleep. It helps regulate the temperature in the room and gives you a steady flow of fresh air.

10 Keep quiet

If you live in an area with a lot of noise, it’s a good idea to buy some earplugs. The traffic and disturbance outside your window at night could actually do more damage than ruining your sleep, by the way.

11 Wake up at the same time

By sticking to the same bedtime routine every evening and waking up at the same time, you’re allowing yourself to follow a natural rhythm which leaves to wake up by yourself at the right time after a short week or so.

12 Never hit the snooze button

While you may be used to set your alarm clock to ring at the same time every morning, it doesn’t help if you keep hitting snooze. One alarm is enough – and get up.

13 Keep a morning routine

Lots of natural light and a few glasses of fresh water will help you to wake up properly. Try to incorporate a bit of exercise of stretches if you have some extra time.

14 Take a breath

The first thing you should do when you wake up is to drink water – and take a deep breath. It will help to shake you awake.

15 Nap strategically

If you have a long day in front of you, have a nap in the afternoon but cap it at 30 minutes to avoid feeling groggy when you wake up.

16 Exercise!

What you do with your energy when you’re awake affects your sleep quality tremendously. Get thirty minutes of exercise every day, and you’ll feel a lot more rested.

17 Find something to be excited about

It’s a lot easier to get up bright and early when you’re excited about it. Find a job you enjoy a bit more, or incorporate a kick-ass exercise routine to look forward to.

Treat yourself to these tips and find your own way to waking up refreshed, bright, and ready to start the day.

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