17 Bright Ideas to Consider When Buying a House

17 Bright Ideas to Consider When Buying a House

When buying a home you might get too wrapped up in the excitement of owning a property that you miss a lot of the little problems that might be become apparent only long after you have moved in. this is the sort of thing that won’t make you regret buying, but at the least will make you wish you’d had a keener eye.

With that in mind, here are seventeen bright ideas to consider when looking at a new house.


Consider where exactly your new home is. Will it be close to school or work? Are you within an adequate distance of supermarkets? Will it be too difficult for your friends to find when you want to throw that awesome housewarming party? And, of course, are the neighbours nice?


Ensuring that all of the plumbing is up to scratch as you go around the house will save you on plumbing expenses after moving in. simply check under the kitchen and bathroom cupboards for leak stains and test the taps and shower  to ensure good water pressure.


Is your house close to a main road? If so, the noise pollution could affect how good a night’s sleep you manage, which can lead to health problems later on.

Child friendly

If you have kids, you want to ensure that they are as safe as possible in this new environment. Taking note of any potential danger areas during your viewing will save a lot of tears for you and your kid should they fall afoul of dodgy doors and pointy frames.

Pet friendly

The same goes for pets, too. If you identify somewhere that might cause your dog or cat some harm, be sure to raise such concerns with the estate agent.


How much space is there? If you aren’t planning on having kids, most space will be adequate. But if you want to expand your family, you’re going to need the space to accommodate them all.


Where at the bedrooms located? Are they out of the way, shielded from noise, or do they lead onto the street? Which bedroom will you choose, how many are there?

Phone reception

People often don’t think about their mobile phone reception when looking around a new home. But poor reception can lead to frustration and missed opportunities. Don’t fall victim to bad phone service.


What needs to be improved? Are there any areas of the house that could do with a fresh coat of paint? You may want to redecorate anyway, but knowing the problem areas is a must.


Will it be too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter? Will it get too stuffy? Is there a potential for mold?


Both natural light as well as overhead light. Too bright? Not energy efficient? That will end up costing you big time in the long run.


Is there a yard? Where will your children play? If it seems neglected, then planning your garden refurb now seems like an excellent idea.


If you both have cars, you will need the space in the garage or driveway to accommodate both. If there’s no room, ask about legal parking nearby.


Brrrr! It’s cold, isn’t it? Checking for draughty areas and getting them fixed beforehand will save a lot of chilly nights.


This is all the small things like door handles and kitchen cupboards. Checking the little fix ups will save you big replacements in the future.


Are you using a reliable house conveyancing company? Don’t get taken for a ride, and ensure that you have done your research.


You need electricity, so take your phone charger and check all the sockets aren’t sparking when they feel like it, we don’t want a fire now, do we?


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