17 Bright Ideas to Declutter Your Home
declutter your home

17 Bright Ideas to Declutter Your Home

You may have made a New Year’s resolution to keep your home tidier, or just be sick to death of constantly tidying up everywhere you go. Either way, you have decided it is time to declutter your home. Here are 17 bright ideas to make it a smooth, productive, and quick process

Write A Room Order – Put your most cluttered and disorganised room first and work through to the most organised. You’ll thank your past self when you’ve been decluttering for a few days.

Write A Priority List – Within each room, make a list of what you would like to tackle first. Always make it the biggest job in the room, so you’re working towards smaller jobs as you get tired.

Set Yourself A Deadline For Each Room – This will help to keep you goal orientated, and ensure you don’t dilly-dally.

Clean And Tidy As You Go – If you make a pile of things to be put away – do it as you go. There is nothing worse than finishing a declutter of a room only to find you have lots of tidying to do.

Make Three Piles And Re-evaluate The Maybe Pile – When going through cupboards and storage make sure you have three piles: Keep, discard and maybe. This will help you to be ruthless (see 16).

Have An Idea Of How You Want The Finished Room To Look – Have a picture in your head of how you want everything to look when you’re finished so you can keep working towards that idea.

Mark it Out -It is a good idea to mark what draws, and cupboards have been sorted if you know you will be moving away from the job to come back at a later time. You don’t want to be sorting through a draw only to realise it has already been decluttered.

Have A Clear Surface Rule –If there is one thing that can make a room feel smaller and extremely cluttered, it is full surfaces. Have a clear surface rule – it will mean that everything has a place, and cleaning will be a lot easier in the future.

Evaluate Your Storage Areas: Do You Need More? Do you have the appropriate amount or type of storage for what you want to store? It may be beneficial to invest in some more if you’re running out of space.

Recycle As Much As Possible –Not everything has to go in a bin bag. Be sure to give any suitable items to charity, or sell them on using a buy and sell site.

Get The Whole Family Involved- You don’t have to take on the entire burden – get the whole family involved and have a competition to see who is the best sorter and organiser.

Set A Timetable So You Have Free Time Away – Make sure you allocate time for breaks and time out of the house. When taking on such a monumental task as decluttering it is easy to get stressed and overwhelmed.

Do Little Jobs As They Come Up – Don’t Leave Them – Hang those photo frames, and clean the mirror. You’ll forget otherwise.

Always Finish One Job Before You Start Another – Having three jobs on the go at once is going to be far less productive than just one.

Don’t Neglect The Garden Or Garage – Mow the lawn, hire one of your local skip bins, and declutter the rubbish piling up in your garage or garden.

Be Ruthless And Follow The Six Month Rule – If you know the items in the maybe pile haven’t been used in the last six months, then they need to go.

Have A Bottle Of Wine On Hand For When You’re All Finished! –You deserve it – even if it’s not your cheat day!



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