17 Bright Ideas for Family Heirlooms

17 Bright Ideas for Family Heirlooms

When we think of family heirlooms, it’s usually some hideously expensive item that will cost the earth, but the fact is a lot of heirlooms are simple little trinkets you can pass down through the generations and serve as a remembrance of something from the distant past. If you are looking to start an heirloom that you can pass down as something for your child’s future, that they can then pass on to their children, and their children, there are plenty of simple ideas.

Musical instruments – It doesn’t have to be a grand piano but something simple like a harmonica or a tambourine.

An antique clock – Your mind probably went to the big (and expensive) grandfather clocks but a small, understated item such as an antique clock from Dutch Time Pieces shows that they don’t need to be extravagant or showy but small and dainty.

Recipes – A very beloved heirloom could be a recipe that is handwritten and serves as a wonderful memory of the past.

Letters – A long lost relic of the past such as a letter from your grandparents is a far more treasured item on an email or text.

Photos – The old photo albums are usually prized heirlooms in a lot of families, and those old sepia prints or Instamatic shots hold some wonderful memories.

Diaries – The first person account from an old relative gives a unique insight into what life was like years ago.

Quilts – Something that is a common heirloom in many American families, you could start a little patch on a massive quilt and pass it down to your child for them to continue the tradition.

Weapons – Not everybody’s first choice but it will certainly interest the boys in the family!

Books – There is nothing more valuable than a limited first edition of a future classic.

A time capsule – Time capsules are interesting as they show a unique insight into life generations before you were born.

Furniture – Whether an old chair or cushion, a prized item of furniture, if maintained properly, will last forever.

Stories – Something which is seldom done now. If your parents told you a story that was passed on to them by their parents, this is something more than an item, but it’s something that keeps the culture of your family alive.

Jewellery – Always an important part of any families heirloom history, jewellery has significant value as well as an emotional connection.

Utensils – Lots of people complain that they don’t make them the way they used to! So if you have a good quality cast iron pan, it will last forever.

Hip flask – One for the budding grandfathers! Somewhere to store liquor can be a prized family item.

Technology – Much like the time capsule it’s intriguing to look back at how people used to accomplish everyday tasks with limited resources.

A family portrait – Everybody likes to see pictures of relatives from generations ago, so why don’t you have a family portrait done with the most up to date equipment and prints to serve as a reminder of exactly how your family are at this moment in time. There are plenty of family portrait companies like Venture where you can get custom canvas prints of varying sizes.

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