17 Bright Ideas for 2014 New Years Resolutions

17 Bright Ideas for 2014 New Years Resolutions

2014 is here! Are you one of those people who thinks setting a New Years Resolution is a silly idea? A New Year is a great opportunity to make a new start and a New Years Resolution is a great opportunity to better yourself or make positive changes to your life. Here are 17 bright ideas that could work for you in 2014. Make the effort to stick to your plan and have a great year. Don’t forget to write down your New Years Resolution and look at it every day to help you achieve it. What else could we add to our list? Let us know if you have a great resolution for the year ahead and add it to our comments below so you can inspire others:

Buy More Australian Made – Why not help yourself and others? Just look out for Aussie made products when you go shopping and try a new product with each weekly shop. Take a look at our list of Aussie Owned Companies and you’ll be amazed at what is on offer, made in Australia.

Do A Budget – The beginning of the year is the perfect opportunity to start a fresh and plan your finances for the year to come. Why not download our FREE Budget Template and make 2014 your best financial year ever.

Eat More Fruit & Vegetables – Did you know you need you need to have 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables every day? Make your new years resolution to meet this quota every day – for you and your family. Take a look at Eat It To Beat It, a great program from the Cancer Council NSW that gives you great ideas and helps you to understand what 1 serve of fruit and vegetables is.

Read A Good Book – Even if this one takes you all year, buy a book you’ve heard about or always wanted to read and read it! 

Learn About Wine – Why not pick a 15 minute window each week to cruise the internet and learn about different wines. Next time you go to a dinner party, you’ll be able to talk about the wine you brought with you and create conversation. You might also be able to save some money by being able to pick better wine that doesn’t cost a fortune.

Cook One New Dish For Dinner Each Week – Do you find that you have a small selections of meals that you cook for you and your family each week? Make it a challenge this year to pick one new recipe each week and give it a try. We have a great selection of recipes on our site under FOOD as well as recipes Under and Over 17 minutes. Get the kids involved in picking out the recipes and see if they eat more for you. 

Give Yourself A Facial Once A Week – Often, we can get so busy with work and family that we forget about ourselves. Make it your new years resolution to give yourself 15 minutes of peace and quite and pop on an indulgent face mask and relax. This should be an easy one to keep once you’ve done it once or twice and enjoyed yourself.

Learn A Language – Have you always wished you could speak French or German? Are you planning a trip to Asia or Europe? Allocate 10 minutes a day to become bilingual.

Get To Know Your Neighbours – You’ll often hear from people that they don’t really know who their neighbours are. Get to know them this year. Start by simply saying hello and then work your way up to a BBQ at the end of they year. Who know, you may really like them.

Make Your Lunch – Look after your health and your budget in 2014. Make an effort to pack your own lunch and skip those expensive, high calorie take-away lunches. Start with once a week and by December might have even saved enough money to buy yourself a great Christmas outfit.

Play With The Kids More – Get outside to a new park each month (We have a great list of kids friendly park for families in Sydney) or get some ideas of places to go with our list on Places to take the kids on a rainy day. Find a few extra minutes a day to read to them or just sit together and talk. You’ll all be better off with this resolution. 

Organise Your Wardrobe – Do a little each week or pick a weekend to do the whole job. Use our list Organising Your Wardrobe written by Nadine & Donna from Body Map and see how making your wardrobe more organised can give you confidence and help you to feel better about yourself. 

Get A New Look – If 2013 was a difficult year and you can’t see this year getting any better, do something for yourself. Visit the hairdresser and update your hairstyle. Learn how to master your make-up. Take a look at our list by Laura Zammit from The Body Ship At Home: Make Up Secrets to Master The ‘Day Look’. You could simply buy yourself a new lipstick colour or go all out and visit a fashion consultant to give you some ideas on what to wear. Make 2014 a year for a new, improved you.

Drink More Water – Buy yourself a new water bottle and make a resolution to drink more water throughout the day. By the end of the year, aim for 8 glasses of water a day.

Have Breakfast – Are you someone who skips the most important meal of the day? No more time for excuses, do some research and find something nutritious and delicious to start your day and power you through the year. 

Create More Romance In Your Life – Take a look at our Relationship Lists and see how to turn up the romance in your life. It might just be sending a few ‘I Love You’ quotes via SMS to your loved one or planning a weekend away each month. Make 2014 the year for romance in your life.

Lose Weight! – This probably has to be one of the most popular new years resolutions out there and it is probably the one that is most broken. We have a couple of lists that might you: Shed Kilos With These Popular Diets; How To Stick to a Low FODMAP Diet.; Running For Fitness. Up the exercise and reduce the calories. The biggest thing stopping you from achieving your goal is YOU!

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