17 Bright Ideas for an Introduction to Housesitting

17 Bright Ideas for an Introduction to Housesitting

Housesitting is a great way to save money when travelling and a great way to look after your pets while you are away.  HouseSit Match.com is the new revolution in housesitting, helping home owners take care of the property and pets in an economic way while they travel away from home. HouseSit Match also creates affordable and sustainable travel options for housesitters. Operating in eight countries worldwide (Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, UK) HouseSit Match is a social network enabling home owners and housesitters alike to meet in a dedicated space online where they can communicate and make their arrangements. Here are their 17 Bright Ideas for an Introduction to Housesitting:

Housesitters can offer you peace of mind – You can feel relaxed while you travel by finding suitable house sitters to look after and care for your home and pets while you are away for a holiday or for work – You choose the sitter from an online selection. It can be reassuring and often quite a relief to know that someone you have chosen will be watching your home in order to maintain the status quo keeping everything secure while you are away.

Plan ahead – Ensure you have time to take personal and professional references on the individual and run police checks if you prefer a thorough check.  You can also get to know them online via social media (e.g. Facebook, Google, LinkedIN) and through free satellite communications (e.g. SKYPE, VOIP BUSTER) well in advance whether they are in the neighbouring town or the other side of the world.

Pets prefer to be cared for at home – The very young and mature pets especially prefer not to have their routines disrupted by going into kennels for the period of your absence – to say nothing of the rising cost of keeping one or more animals in kennels while you are away!

The Garden – Maintaining your flower or vegetable gardenwill be so much easier if you find a suitable housesitter with gardening experience recruited especially to ensure all watering and weeding routines are maintained. It can be quite a bore to return home from a fabulous holiday to find a wilderness where you had once nurtured a beautiful and tidy garden.

Prepare your home for the Sitter – Put away any items of sentimental or financial value to avoid accidents in your absence, and keep an area of your home especially dedicated for the housesitter.  Remember, this will be their home too while you are away.

Detail any facilities you make available for the Sitters – Detail things like a specially prepared sleeping area / bedroom with cleared wardrobes, television, hi-fi and wifi facilities, road/mountain bikes, home gym, swimming pool, car with insurance or specify if you expect them to pay for the insurance…

Bedding and pillows –While most home owners are happy to allow sitters to use their bedding, if it is important to you state whether or not you want them to bring their own pillows, bedding and towels for the duration of their stay.

Routines for maintenance of your home – Make sure you write down and brief the housesitter on any important routines for the well-being and upkeep of your home in your absence i.e. cleaning, gardening, recycling routines, rubbish collection, pool maintenance…

Prepare a briefing documentPrepare documents with all the important contacts and the telephone numbers for the ‘just in case maintenance’ of your home. It is highly unlikely that anything will happen but it is always wise to ensure your house sitter is prepared with important emergency contacts for services: Plumber, electrician, doctor, local vet, pool maintenance, friendly neighbours…

Pets for Owners – Itemise special pet arrangementsin a written document, with regular walking routines for dogs, any special foods detailed (especially where to buy the food), and any medication detailed in clearly labelled containers. If you have rules for the animals about their presence in the house or garden you must also note those down…

Insurance details – Check your pets and property insurance details to make sure all concerned are aware that you are leaving your pets and property in the hands of house sitters, most insurance companies tend to prefer this to your leaving the property empty!

Housesitting offers financial advantages – For who love to travel; depending on your agreement with the home owner, in nearly all cases the sitter can secure free lodging in exchange for caring for the owner’s property and pets. Cut out the cost of your accommodation it can halve the cost of travel making it more affordable. 

Living like a local – This can have great advantages if you want to experience a new country with a grass roots impression.  Housesitting for people familiar with the local area whether urban or rural will allow you to get to know your destination more readily by finding the trendiest bars, or the most beautiful and picturesque views, the best markets and beaches …

Prepare for your housesit – By ensuring you understand what will be required of you ahead of time. If there are written documents with routines and requirements make sure you prepare and be mindful of all special requests

Bedding, pillows and towels – Be ready to bring your own in case this is important to the home owner, and remember you are a guest in their home

Join a network like HouseSit Match.com it – This will give you a greater chance of finding suitable housesits in a wider selection of countries than from your own personal network of friends and relatives.  Today SOCIAL NETWORKS like HouseSit Match can instantly expand your options however niche your requirement. 

Keep in touch with your Home owners – While they are away, if there are pets they usually like to see pictures showing that all is well at home and their pet is being well looked after. These days it is easy to share these images through social media and other digital means.   It can help to keep owners happy if they know that all is well at home when you are housesitting for them!


  • HouseSit Match.com was established in England in 2012, by a couple of friends who loved to travel and had housesat on occasion to save money. One was based in Perth, Western Australia and the other in Buckinghamshire, England.  HouseSit Match would become the way they could travel to visit each other and their friends in an affordable and sustainable way, making sure their own properties were cared for in their absence. Since then HouseSit Match has expanded to other countries by popular demand and the founders have made many more friends along the way!



  • Lamia Walker is a Founder of HousesitMatch.com, a working Mum who wants to build and promote housesitting as a means to manage the status quo at home while she and her family are away.  In turn, when they travel oversees they also housesit in order to save money on accommodation.  It really is a great way to save money as a traveller as well as a home owner. And joining a social network online is just so easy these days… 
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