17 Bright Ideas For Chapter Books For Children

17 Bright Ideas For Chapter Books For Children

Books for children are amazing. Reading is a great skill and something parents love to encourage in their children. Sometimes, it is hard to find the right book to get your kids started on their reading journey. Olivia (10) has given us her 17 bright ideas for Chapter Books for Children:

Rainbow Magic Books – A collection of stories all about different magical fairies. Each book in the series of well over 100 follows one fairy and her two human friends, Kirsty and Rachel in an effort to defeat Jack Frost and his goblins.

Alice-Miranda Books This book series follows 7 1/4 year old Alice-Miranda Highton-Smith-Kennington-Jones and her adventures in helping others and making friends. Alice-Miranda is a positive thinker and a problem solver and this series is sure to keep girls reading for hours.

Geronimo Stilton Books Geronimo is a mouse who runs the famous newspaper ‘The Mouse Gazette’. This series follows Geronimo and his adventures in solving mysteries. Look out for Thea Stilton too.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Books Life can be hard when your a kid. This series of books for children, written in diary form, is all about Greg and his life as a wimpy kid.  This is a great read for boys and girls who love a laugh.

Sophie The Awesome & More Books – Sophie is an average girl but through this terrific series of books, Sophie always finds ways to prove that she is awesome. Follow Sophie, an ordinary 3rd grader as she finds out she is awesome, a snoop, a hero, a chatterbox and even a sweetheart. Good size print and the occasional picture help to make this a good choice for younger readers.

Captain Underpants Books – This very funny series of books, written by Dav Pilkey, will have your kids in stitches. Follow the adventures of George and Harold: “Whenever anything bad happened, George and Harold were usually responsible.” After hypnotizing their school principal and turning him into their own made-up superhero, the boys and Captain Underpants embark on adventure after adventure. This award-winning series is wonderful for reluctant readers as it draws them in with its ‘kids’ humour and cartoon-like pictures.

Roald Dahl Books It’s hard to go past a Roald Dahl book for young kids. Who doesn’t love Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Matilda or James and the Giant Peach. Kids will love the quirky humour and imagery that Roald Dahl is famous for. A great read for girls and boys looking for a bit more of a challenge.

Lotus Lane Books – This collection of 4 books follows 4 girls who live on Lotus Lane (Kiki, Coco, Lulu & Mika). Each girls, in each book, writes a diary about their friendship and adventures. Very much for the girls.

Tashi Books Filled with wonderful, mystical characters, Tashi books are great books for children. “Tashi embodies cheekiness, cleverness, a sense of adventure and a love of storytelling and tall tales.” This cute little guy is a big hit with young readers and kids who love mystery and mythology.

Magic Pony Books – Written by Elizabeth Lindsay, this collection of books is a must for animal loves. The stories revolve around magical ponies who can speak and their great adventures. With big text and lots of pictures, this is a good option for younger readers.

Enid Blyton Books With books like The Famous Five, The Secret Seven, The Faraway Tree and The Wishing Chair and many more you’re probably not aware of, there is sure to be one Enid Blyton book that your kids will love. Written in the 1930’s and 40’s, here stories are still captivating for young readers. The stories of adventures, mysteries and friendship are great for young readers and maybe a few giggles about the way children spoke back then.

Ella and Olivia Books Follow the fun of two sister, Ella and Olivia. The books are great for beginners and the adorable characters will keep them glued to the pages with these enjoyable stories. A sure winner for young girls.

Go Girl Books Follow the trials and tribulations of school friends with real life problems and lots of fun. Whit a great variety of topic and situations, there is sure to be a Go Girl that connects with your go girl.

The Tiara Club Books Visit The Royal Academy for the Preparation of Perfect Princesses and follow the stories of the princesses who attend there. These are terrific stories for young girls who love to dress up and play princess.

Goosebumps Books – A great choice for reluctant boy readers. Goosebumps are a terrific series of books for children to read with ‘scary stories’ about kids so young readers can feel involved. A very big choice of stories to choose from.

Captain Awesome Books – These books follow the super hero adventures of Captain Awesome, Nacho Cheese Man and Turbo the Hampster and their quest to bring justice to the town of Sunnyview. Super fun stories for young readers who imagine that they could one day be a super hero too.

Horrible Histories Books If you have a child who is keen to read about the past and loves history then give these books a try. Written for kids, they cover topics like Kings & Queens, The Middle Ages and Ancient Civilisations. A great range of books that might even teach Mums and Dads a thing or two.

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