17 Bright Ideas For Children’s Fashion Trends 2014 – Kids Under 7

17 Bright Ideas For Children’s Fashion Trends 2014 – Kids Under 7

Are you looking to create the ultimate wardrobe for your kids that will keep both you and them happy. You don’t have to spend a fortune. Just pick a few choice pieces from what’s hot in kids fashion in 2014 and your kids will be ‘runway’ ready or just ‘run outside’ ready. Thanks to Eugenie Pepper from Plum for compiling this essential list for us. Plum is a fabulous Australian brand producing quality, designed baby and child wear that is stylish and well made.

Sun Hat – Go for some thing with a wide brim or legionnaires, which offers great sun protection and for winter knitted beanie’s with with pom-poms on top will keep kids head warm and a super cute.  It’s great to have a few in primary colours and some patterned to co-ordinate back with their favorite outfit. Take a look at Acorn Kids.

Swimwear  With swimming lessons and indoor pools kids need swimwear all year round. The trends in kid’s swimwear goes from bright coloured geometrics and stripes to cool camouflage in moody colours. For girls go for colourful floral prints or cute French looks. For boys and girls, funky 70’s retro, stripes, nautical influences. Swimwear needs to be practical yet stylish and above all – fun and affordable. Take a look at Plum from Sun Gear.

Preppie Look – You can never go wrong with a cute preppie look – smart checked or pin-striped shirts, shorts or overalls or for a more casual look, go nautical with a red or navy striped t-shirt. For boys checked shirts and for girl’s red or navy striped dresses – either wide or narrow stripes of white with either navy or red looks chic. Take a look at Seed Heritage.

Retro Looks   Graphic vintage prints are very much on trend this season, any thing from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Hawaiian themed classic surf prints featuring surfboards, frangipani and hibiscus flowers and any vintage florals are a great look. Go for big and vibrant or cute little liberty inspired or detailed paisley prints. Take a look at Zimmermann.

Shorts  Think about block-striped colours for boys and cute little ones with a feminine ruffles or ties for girls. Anything goes for both boys and girls so it is great to have the basics in navy, khaki and sand but you can go wild with crazy patterns and cool graphic anything from floral, animals, stripes, checks and spots etc. Take a look at Plum from The Iconic.

Tops  Henley tops are a great basic to have.  Choose red, navy, white and grey for both boys and girls. Multi-coloured stripes, long sleeve tops and jumpers for both boys and girls. Either wide or narrow boys striped tops with cool graphic placement prints are the way to go.  For girls, simple ribbed tops with ruffle sleeves for a feminie touch and anything with a bit of glitter and cute motif. Take a look at Witchery.

Hoodie  Hoodie’s are essential items for both girls and boys either in neutral grey, red or navy. For girls, choose fun effervescent fluro colours pink, green or coral.  If you find a fleecy hoodie with bunny ears even better! Take a look at Cotton On.

Pants  For the under 7 age group, try to go for comfort. Something they can wear all the time is great. Leggings for girls and slim trackies for boys and stretchy skinny pants in any colour of the rainbow for both boys are girls as still in fashion. Take a look at Seed Heritage.

Knitwear/Cardigans & Vests  Think about buying true knit cotton cardigans in citrus, bold blue or pink. A cotton cable knit vet for boys and girls in yellow, red or navy is a great addition to a kids wardrobe. Take a look at Cotton On.

Puffer Vest  For girls, florals are really in, either big or small and any colours for but for boys, choose dark block colours or primary colours. Take a look at Country Road.

Sunglasses  Sunglasses are not only a great fashion accessory but protect their little eyes. There are so many colour and fun designs to choose from.  Take a look at Eye Tribe.

Party Clothes  For the special occasions you cannot go wrong with floral dress with either large or small prints in soft pastels or super bright colours or a pretty lace dress for girls while a navy blazer teamed pin striped shorts is a great choice for boys. The tutu is a massive trend for girls right now. Any tutu will do but for something a bit more special go for something with a bit of glitter and bling. The tutu is an essential item that can be worn every day to daycare and for dress up parties as well. Cotton On does a superhero cape when you need to find a last minute dress up costume. Also, take a look at Zimmermann.

Denim and Chambray  Skinny jeans and a little denim jacket work well for both boys and girls while a chambray dresses for girls and shirts for boys. They look so cute and smart and you can co-ordinate them with everything. Take a look at Seed Heritage.

Footwear  It is essential to have canvas shoes, sandals and boots for rainy days. Take a look at Cotton On.

A Coat  Stick with plain bold colours and choose something that is waterproof. If your child is school aged, it is a good idea to choose a colour appropriate to wear to school on wet cold days. Who can resist a cute little mini trench coat? – so stylish! Take a look at Burberry.

Accessories  What’s an outfit without the accessories? This season it’s all about bling and texture. For girls, take a look for hair accessories both diamonties, feathers or crystals and pretty sweet braceletes with bows and charms. For the boys, go bold with bright coloured watches or neutral coloured belts to match their clothing colour pallet. Take a look at Pavement.

Sleepwear  The Plum Sleepwear range of onesies, pajamas and nighties are incredibly comfortable, made with super soft cotton, so they are soft and stretchy and easy to put on your child. Check out the Plum Collections.


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