17 Bright Ideas For Cool Beauty Gifts

17 Bright Ideas For Cool Beauty Gifts

If your looking for Mother’s Day or birthday gift ideas, here is a terrific list of 17 bright ideas for Cool Beauty Gifts, put together for us by the team at Scout Cosmetics.

Face Mask – Give your mum a recipe to create her own face mask using banana and avocado. Make the recipe together as a fun mother/daughter activity.

Voucher – Give your mum a voucher for her own personal shoulder massage from you.

Super Foods – Choose 3-5 super foods that help cleanse the skin from the inside out. Foods like seeds, coconut oil and avocado. Create a yum recipe or array of dishes for her to eat to help with her skin.

Skincare Package – Purchase a beautiful skincare package from a day spa, like Elemis Mother’s Day Packages (pictured).

A Pamper Day – Have a pamper day planned with nails, face masks and makeup, either at home or in a store.

Fragrance – A lovely fragrance could be the perfect treat for mum, try the new fragrance from Carven.

Day Spa – A Day Spa adventure with a facial and massage.

Hair Care Day – A haircare day in the hair salon to get a hair mask and treatment.

A Make Over – A makeup makeover day with Scout Cosmetics for a natural look with natural products.

Hair Products – A haircare package that includes, shampoo, conditioner, a hair mask.

Nail Care – A nail care package with all the nail needs anyone would have: Cuticle oil, a manicure set, hand cream and nail polish remover.

Foot Massage – A foot massage at a remedial spa.

Nail Care – A manicure/pedicure day at a nail spa.

Go Mini – A care pack that includes minis of all the essential beauty products needed: moisturiser, cleanser, scrub and toner.

Lipsticks – A set of lipsticks from Scout Cosmetics, 1 for each day of the week.

Bath Bombs – A set of really cute bath bombs that look like mini deserts

Huge Gift Pack! – A huge gift pack that surprises her full of beauty products for hair, makeup, skincare, it covers all beauty bases.


  • The SCOUT philosophy of ‘modern, elegant, natural beauty’ is very simple. Every SCOUT product must have three attributes: 1) It must be made in Australia from only the highly quality certified organic and natural ingredients; 2) It must be formulated by experts and manufactured to exacting Australian and international standards; and most of all, 3) It must be effective in looking after your skin, enhancing your natural beauty and be a delight to use. We are committed to meeting our discerning customers need for ‘modern, elegant, natural beauty’.
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