17 Bright Ideas for Curb Appeal

17 Bright Ideas for Curb Appeal

If your humble abode is looking like a showhome inside but it’s looking a little tired on the outside, it might be time to sort out your curb appeal. You want to be turning the heads of passers by for all the right reasons. Take a look at these essential hacks that you can employ to spruce up the facade of your dwelling.

1. Get the window dressings of your home more colorful. Whip up some window boxes and inject some vibrant foliage and fauna such as pansies and marigolds to create a more welcoming entrance.

2. Consider purchasing one of the many coir door mats available to add a touch of sophistication to your front door. You could even get one with a bespoke welcome message printed on it to greet your visitors.

3. Mow your lawn at least once every couple of weeks in the summer. An untidy lawn can soon become weed laden or brown patches may develop. Maintain it and make sure that it remains well coiffed.

4. Hide your bins! There’s nothing worse than seeing a beautiful entrance to a home only for a couple of dustbins to ruin the view.

5. Ensure that your roof is adequate and fit for purpose. Any slipped tiles or gaps can leave your home at risk from damp or leaks. Moss and dirt on your roof can also look unsightly, so get a roofer in and get it cleared.

6. Make sure that you have cleared your driveway. If you have a brick or paved driveway, weeds and dirt can appear between the gaps so get out your power washer and hose it down to reveal a gleaming new drive. 

7. If your front door has peeling paint or is housing a dodgy looking letterbox, it might be time to source a new one. 

8. Plant some new plants in your borders that give off a delicious scent such as lavender and heather to create a welcoming ambiance.

9. If you love flowers, put some hanging baskets up or opt for a couple of bay trees near your entrance to add some sophistication to your facade.

10. If your rendering is looking a little drab or your pebbledash is dull, consider opting for a whitewash. 

11. Consider adding a carport for your vehicle to create more space for other cars and to add more garden space.

12. Put up an alarm to show your neighbors and potential vandals that you take home security seriously.

13. Whip up a new mailbox to ensure that your postman isn’t ever risking his fingers with a dodgy pop back mechanism.

14. Get your gutters cleared to ensure that they are not clogged full of leaves and moss. This can lead to detritus falling from your roof in high winds making your driveway look messy.

15. If you are fortunate enough to have a garage, restain your door, or consider electronic motorized doors to make your facade a little more modern.

16. Add a focal point if you have plenty of space. If you adore bird watching put a water fountain in the center of your lawn. Alternatively, opt for a sundial to add some visual interest.

17. Ensure that your driveway itself is fit for purpose. Potholes need filling and the driveway may need replacing. Go for a modern brick pattern or a composite concrete pattern with adequate drainage.

Don’t just focus on the interior of your home, and enjoy the facade that you can create by utilizing these curb appeal hacks.     

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