17 Bright Ideas for Different Holiday Accommodation To Try

17 Bright Ideas for Different Holiday Accommodation To Try

We all love a good trip away, whether on a whim for the weekend or for the whole summer holiday itself! But when we get there, are we totally happy with staying in a hotel or on a campsite once again? To make sure you’re never getting bored with where you’re going on holiday, here’s 17 bright ideas for Different Holiday Accommodation To Try.

Try Glamping – It’s camping, but you’re not without any of your creature comforts! Taronga and Wester Plains Zoo have wonderful glamping experiences to try.

Try a Cottage – Cottages are becoming more and more popular as the world around us gets more modern, and there’s nothing like snuggling up to your partner next to real fireplace with a fresh brew in your hands.

Is a Cabin for You? – A bit like a cottage, but more on the modern side! This is also a great budget option as many Cabin accommodation is located in caravan parks and there are tons of amenities.

Stay on the Beach – There’s all kinds of beach resorts, B&Bs, sheds, and Tiki Huts you can look to invest in. This way you’ll never be too far from the shore and the calming sound of the waves.

Try a Grand House – Why not recreate the feeling of being a high-class lady by staying in a room within a Grand House for a few nights? You can get waited on hand and foot, as well as wear your Sunday best and pearls 24/7 just to look the part!

Ever Thought About a Lighthouse? – There are a lot of converted lighthouses out there, especially on the South coast of the UK, so be sure to give winding staircases a chance in your want for adventure.

Build Your Own Accommodation – Ever heard of home building kits? Well now’s your chance to invest in one and then get it set up in the location of your choice!

Simply Stay on a Sofa – If you don’t have a family to tag along, this is the one for you! You can now sleep on a stranger’s couch whenever you need to and then move on in the morning or simply find a good friend or someone you have met in previous travels.

Go to an Old Church – Not all churches are still in use – some have been turned into luxury accommodation. Check out Wine Country locations where this type of accommodation is very popular.

Try a River Boat – For those visiting the UK, try seafaring, but you can also do this on the Murray River and other rivers here in Australia.

Stay in a Loft – For those who love the inner city breaks weekends are famous for.

Try a Capsule Hotel – They’re a sensation in Japan and perfect for the single traveller! It’s worth trying just for the experience.

Fit into a Barn – Fully converted and full of room for the family. Victoria and South Australia may have some Barn accommodation close to gorgeous landscapes.

Climb Up a Treehouse – If you’ve got stable legs, you might just want to get on climbing here! Queensland has lots of options here.

Try Your Own Island – You don’t have to fork out $20,000 a night when you try small islands in the Northern Europe or head up the Great Barrier Reef.

Stay in a Castle – Castles have all kinds of rooms for you to rent out, so get your Medieval Queen gown on! Check out France for terrific castle ideas.

Stay in a Farm House – The kids will love this one, as long as they get to pet the goats and the farmer’s dog! Many country towns in Australia have this experience so look around.



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