17 Bright Ideas For Essentials For Mums With New Bubs

17 Bright Ideas For Essentials For Mums With New Bubs

Here is Euginie Pepper’s (Plum Collections) list of her favourite things that mum with newborn bubs will need. The list includes all the things that make life easier, which is exactly what you need when you have a new addition to your household. Here are 17 bright ideas that Euginie absolutely could not have done without:

Muslins Wraps – Most newborn babies loved to be swaddled. Wrapping your baby helps settle them and keeps them sleeping on their back. The larger the better as it the generous size keeps baby snuggly wrapped for longer. Muslin wraps are also great to use for shading prams and strollers. 2 pack – RRP $29.95

Lactation consultantWhether you do a group class or a one on one home session it is very worthwhile getting some help learning how to breastfeed correctly. (Also, take a look at our list with 17 Bright Ideas for Breastfreeding for New Mums)

Dunstan Baby Language – The DBL Baby Ears app teachers you to understand your baby by learning how to recognise the different cries and what they mean. What parent does not want to know what baby is trying to communicate. This app is so easy to use. RRP $7.99

Il Tutto nappy bag – A nappy bag is essential as a new mum you have some much stuff to lug around so you might as well choose something that is stylish and practical, like the Il Tutto nappy baby. I still using mine now my kids are older.

Breastfeeding Clothes – It did not occur to me to buy clothes that we easy to breast feed until it was too late and I was in tears because I was stuck at home with a newborn baby and I had nothing appropriate to wear that I could breast feed in. Me-a-Mama Maternity Shirt Dress buttons at the breast-line for ease of breast-feeding – not a lot of dresses can accommodate feeding. It’s in a mid-denim wash and denim is a BIG trend this season. RRP$79

Breast Feeding Poncho – A lightweight poncho is a perfect way to cover-up when breastfeeding in public and it allows have to have your hands free. You can wear it as a layer in cooler weather, as a top on its own in warmer weather and it offers a multitude of styling options. Me-a-Mama Breastfeeding Pash in cream RRP$40

Sleeping bags – If your baby does not like being swaddled the next option is a baby sleep bag. Sleep bags ensure your baby stays warm at night and they have another significant benefit – reducing the risk of SIDS. Baby sleeping bags are the simplest and safest way to put your baby to sleep. The key benefit of a sleeping bag is that it keeps a baby’s head uncovered. The other benefits include preventing a baby’s legs from dangling out between got rails and getting caught, and lessen the likelihood that baby’s will roll on to their tummy.

A great baby book – My favourite books are Baby Love by Robin Barker and Baby Bliss by Jo Ryan. Both these books are informative and not at all dogmatic. Barker gives options – and lets you choose what is right for you as sometimes there is no right or wrong way. Both books also encourage you to have faith in your intution.

Pram/stroller – I personally love the bugaboo. Good strong pram that converts into a stroller and it comes in load of great colours and has lots of optional extra, like a scooter attachment for older kids.

Nappy rash cream – My favourite nappy rash cream was Curash. It comes in a tube so easy to use and also a good price and available at supermarkets.

Baby wipesSIDS and Kid Red Nose Baby wipes. You go through so many wipes so you might as well support a great charity too.

Baby ShoesAttipas toddler shoes are as light as a sock but more supportive than a pre walker, these functional infant shoes ergonomically support first steps.

Onesies – Plum onesies are made from super soft cotton and come in load of fashionable designs and are available in sizes starting from 0000 to 14 years. Available in David Jones nationwide

Happy Baby Dummy – Dummies keep baby happy and comfortable and stop them crying. Australian research had shown using a dummy can prevent SIDS. Newborn babies that use dummies may have better protection against SIDS because it improves their cardiac control. Happy Baby dummies are available in all supermarkets are very reasonably prices.

Snuggle bed – When baby is still small the cot seems huge. Putting a snuggle bed in the cot helps baby settle. Both my babies slept soundly in a Snuggles Bed. It is also a great travel cot as it extremely portable.

Baby swim classesKids Aquatic Survival School teaches infants under the age of 5 (the highest risk age bracket for childhood drowning) not just water familiarisation or exploration but aquatic skills to help them survive if they were to fall in water.

Swim nappy – Once start doing the classes you need the gear. A Swim nappy is an essential item for babies. Plum swim nappies practical, fashionable, dry fast as well and are easy to put on baby.


  • PLUM is a unique Australian family owned business producing quality, designed baby and childrenswear. The business was established in 1965 by Bob and Nell Pepper, and run for many years by Rob Pepper, and is today owned and managed by Bob’s grandson Shane Pepper and his wife Eugenie, who with their 2 young children, Tommy and Chloe, fully understand the needs of today’s parents.
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