17 Bright Ideas For Finding The Right Job For You

17 Bright Ideas For Finding The Right Job For You

Many people want to find a job they enjoy which also provides the financial benefits they desire. However, finding the right job for you can be difficult especially if you have no idea what you want to do. Many people often start looking for a full time position without considering the other options available such as part-time, contract or casual work. By broadening your view of work you will have more options to consider when looking for the right job for you. Here are 17 bright ideas to help you find your perfect job, written for us by Fiona Anson, founder and director of Workible:

What is your passion? – Think about what makes you happy, what you are really passionate about and the things you enjoy doing. This can help you to find an industry or occupation you will love to work in.

What are your skills? – Make a list of your skills including work related skills, personal skills, life skills or accomplishments. You can research jobs that require some of these skills and find a job you might be good at.

Expand your skills – If you don’t have the necessary skills or qualifications for the job you want then think about going to university, TAFE or attending a training course. You can even try to intern for a company for a few months to gain the necessary skills on-the job (and remember internships aren’t just for the younger generation).

Join Workible – You can join Workible to help you find the right flexible job for you. Job seekers can join company shortlists, communicate with potential employees, apply for jobs, create a professional profile and conduct video interviews all through the app. 

Work experience – It’s a great idea to gain work experience in an industry you are interested in to give you a better understanding of the job. This could be an internship, temporary contract, casual position or part-time role. The benefit of gaining a casual or part-time position is it provides you with income but doesn’t lock you into a full-time position.

Research different roles – There are many different jobs available that people often don’t know about. Instead of limiting your focus to a small number of jobs that first come to mind such as a doctor or teacher, do some research into what other jobs are out there.

Think about where you want to be in 10 years – Start thinking about your life goals and career goals and picture what this might look like in 10 years. This is a great way to help you find the right job that will allow you to build the future and career path you want.

Consider casual or part-time position – When looking for the perfect job many people only consider gaining a full-time position. However, there are many benefits of a casual or part-time job such as a greater work life balance and increased job flexibility.

Research companies you want to work for – Conduct some research into the companies you’d love to work for. By using Workible you can join company shortlists and be notified when a position becomes available. Companies use these shortlists to find potential employees.

Make a list of attributes you want the job to have – Think about the qualities you want in a potential employer and make a list of them such as location, type of culture, opportunity for career progression and whether flexible work options are available. This can help to pinpoint the best job opportunities for you.

Ask a career advisor – You can make an appointment with a career advisor to help you find the right job for you. This can often involve completing a career aptitude test to find out what job may be suitable for you. It can also help widen your outlook on what kind of jobs are out there.

Find a mentor – Find someone who you admire or who inspires you and ask them to be your mentor. They can help to guide you in your decision and provide you with advice based on their own experiences. They may even help you to get a foot into a new industry by connecting you with their network.

Talk to other professionals – Talk to employees who are in the industry or occupation you are considering. This will give you a better idea of what the industry would be like to work in.  

Ask friends and family – Ask your friends and family what they think would be a suitable job for you. Often they will recognise a link between your skills and a potential job that you hadn’t considered.  

Start your own business – By starting your own business you have the opportunity to create the job you want, follow your passions and build a working environment suitable to you.

Build your online profile – Many companies are now using social networks to find and recruit potential employees. It’s important to create a professional profile on social networks or recruitment apps such as Workible to help attract potential employers.

Take your time – Finding the right job can take a long time and requires a lot of thought. Don’t feel rushed into making a decision too quickly and take your time to consider every possibility.

  • About Workible: Workible is a mobile and social recruitment platform for flexible workforce industries, catering to the 6.7 million flexible workers in Australia. Workible allows job seekers to list a profile and join talent and industry pools according to their skills and experience. Employers use Workible to tap into those pools of job seekers when they need to find staff fast.  For more information visit www.workible.com.au.
  • About Author Fiona Anson: Fiona Anson is the co-founder and director of Workible, a new mobile and social recruitment app for part time, casual and flexible workforces. Fiona is a serial entrepreneur having owned businesses for over 20 years. In additional to starting up several successful companies she has won the American Express Fastest Growing Business Award, Sydney Businesswoman of the Year and was a NSW Finalist for Telstra Businesswoman of the Year.

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