17 Bright Ideas for Greek Food Recipes

17 Bright Ideas for Greek Food Recipes

Looking for some recipe ideas for dinner or lunch? Why not try some Greek food tonight? My mouth is watering at the thought of these delicious Greek tasty treats. Try something new today or treat yourself with an old favourite. Click on the name of dish to get the recipe. Here are 17 Bright Ideas for Greek Food Recipes:

Saganaki prawns

– Garlicky prawns with feta, tomatoes and herbs. Great for an entrée.

Baked Feta Parcels

– An easy vegetarian dish of feta, tomato, capers and onions baked in foil in the oven.

Greek Roast Potatoes

– Delicious garlic roast potatoes. Great as an accompaniment to your favourite meats.

Braised lamb, green beans and tomatoes

– A great healthy and warming family dinner.

Tiropsomo (Greek cheese bread)

– Think of the fabulous smell in your house when you bake your own bread. Yummy.

Greek Style Chicken with Olives and Artichokes.

– A family favourite or a dinner party pleaser – this hearty chicken dish is bursting with flavor.


– Deep fried pastries filled with cheese, eaten for breakfast or as a dessert.


– This version of mousaka has a yoghurt and egg topping, rather than Bechamel.

Baklava rounds

– These rounds can be made ahead and frozen.  This version contains almonds and walnuts.

 Greek Salad

– We couldn’t have a list of Greek foods without the famous Greek salad.

Greek dip

– Not sure how traditionally Greek this recipe is but it looks easy and very tasty.


– Pasta with a tomato based meat sauce.  A great alternative to lasagna.  Good for a crowd.

Baked sardines with lemon and oregano

– A super healthy starter. Don’t they say we should all eat more fish – I’d be happy to if it came like this. A great Greek food recipe idea.

Grape Leaves casserole

– A wonderful vegetarian recipe. A great alternative to stuffed vine leaves.


– Greek lemon and rice soup. A very traditional Greek recipe.

Greek lamb stew

Nigella’s version of a Greek stew.  A great one for the slow cooker.

Ruffled Milk Pie

– This one is from Martha Stewarts website where everything is so pretty. Who could resist?

  •  Note: Some recipe call for Phyllo, which is what they call Filo pastry in America.
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