17 Bright Ideas for Hair Removal

17 Bright Ideas for Hair Removal

A huge thanks to Amy Erbacher for this fantastic list on hair removal.  Amy is the Director of Beauty for Veet (Veet.com.au and Facebook) and she can also be found on amyerbacher.com.au.  These fabulous tips and tricks will help make hair removal less of a chore and you will be astounded at the results you can get at home!  Also if you are interested in parenting tips check out our 17 Bright Ideas area dedicated to Kids.

At home waxing products are a great alternative for people on a budget and who like to perform their beauty treatments from the comfort of their own home

I am often on the road for weddings and shoots so I need something compact that I can take anywhere for waxing my brows and lip. Veet High Precision Facial Wax & Care is perfect for this as it comes in a handbag-sized wand that has an after care cream to calm redness as well!

For the working professional, a salon visit is often a nice way to have a quick pampering session during your lunch break.

When I am really time poor I love using Veet’s Spray On Hair Removal Cream, as it is so quick and easy to use and there are no risk of cuts like you have with a razor.

Before trying a new product, always perform a patch test!

Rule of thumb – never rush the treatment if it’s your first time and always read the brand’s guidelines on the packet.

To minimise the mess and fuss of waxing, I love using Veet’s Electrical Roll-On Kit. It’s already set to heat up the wax to the optimum temperature, it stays at that temperature the entire time so you don’t need to worry about it overheating and in addition it applies the correct amount of wax in even strips!

Soft wax/ hot wax is great for more sensitive areas, particularly as women are more sensitive during their cycle.

If you are really sensitive, I would suggest taking Panadol half an hour prior to waxing.

For optimum results after waxing I’d look for a product that is calming and soothing, look for anti-inflammatory ingredients like calendula, colloidal silver, oatmeal, licorice root extract, Aloe Vera and sea buckthorn.

Exfoliate 2 – 3 times a week to keep in grown hairs at bay as well as gently getting rid of dead skin cells.

Never remove the ingrown hair yourself, first opt to treat with a specific ingrown hair solution, seek help from a beauty therapist,  or alternatively tea-tree oil is great to dry out the infection.

For optimum results, wait four to six weeks in between waxes and to ensure hair length is about 2mm otherwise the wax won’t adhere to the hair. However, with thanks to the formula in Veet’s EasyGrip Ready-To-Use Wax Strips, you can now remove hair that is as short as 1.5mm in length! So no more trouble with stubble!

If you are blonde and want a new look to darken your eyebrows (think Cara Delevingne!) by tinting and applying a brow powder and gel to achieve this look. Colour shade- Opt for a colour two shades darker then your hair colour.  A contrast really makes the eyes pop.

To remove unwanted sticky residue, use the finishing wipes inside the packet. If you run out of wipes, then I suggest using waxing finishing or body oil but don’t use water, soap or alcohol based products to remove unwanted wax.

If you suffer redness after hair removal, this is perfectly normal so don’t worry. The best is to just compress the area with cool water as this will soothe the area and reduce the irritation.

When it comes to the pubic region area, hair can grow in different directions and it will depend on whether you are using a hot wax or wax strips, however, as a general rule of thumb I would suggest working from the outside in and the from bottom to the top.

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