17 Bright Ideas for Happy Feet

17 Bright Ideas for Happy Feet

Your feet are like two horses, pulling the rest of your body forward. They go through everything the world has to throw at them. Puddles, mud, potholes, hard pavements, grass, gravel and lots of different gradient changes. All throughout the day, they are picking up the slack, helping to balance your weight and keep you upright. They’re constantly shifting your weight, making small but accurate movements and allowing you to function. So, what would happen without healthy feet? Not a whole lot. We couldn’t do anything without the aid of a wheelchair or crutches. Taking care of your feet gives you the grounds to live a normal long life without the need for special products or medical treatments. It’s not at all difficult, to keep your feet happy in several ways.

1. Keep them dry: Wet skin dries up very quickly. It’s why many people who suffer from eczema are told to only ever have short showers. However, it’s doubly bad for feet to be wet because we wear socks and shoes that retain the water on our feet. The drier feet become, the more sensitive to irritation and damage they become.

2.Keep them clean: You can’t clean your feet with water every day because you risk them becoming too dry. However, using a wet wipe on your feet kills bacteria and still keeps your feet hydrated. Do this once a day after coming home from work and taking your shoes off.

3.Square nails: Do not cut your nails at a jagged edge. Cut your nails in squares so that no sharp nail edges are digging into your skin. This can cause ingrown toenail which can only be rectified by having surgery. 

4.Moisturize them: Once every day, moisturize your feet with either a cream or an ointment. The natural oils on our skin are absorbed by our socks and shoes, so giving a little extra help to your feet would help keep the itchy dry skin away. 

5.Fitting properly: The value of shoes that properly fit you is untold. It’s only when you have shoes that do not fit you, do you realize how such a simple matter can be so important. Shoes that do not fit the size and even the shape of your feet, will chafe, rub and grind against your toes, Achilles heel and the face of your foot. 

6.Same for socks: Do not wear socks that are too loose or too tight. Socks that are too tight, will slowly cut off blood circulation to your feet, making them numb and unresponsive. Socks that are too loose, will make your feet colder and slippery in your shoes.

7.Deep tissue: Get a deep tissue sports massage every now and then. Not only does it feel great, but it relaxes the muscles in your feet, pry apart the stick ligaments and generally improves the health and strength of your feet.

8.Hard bits: If you have hard calluses on your toes, use proper corn removal products. They are effective plasters, that have waterproof capabilities vital to fight off sweat and have a special firm strapping.

9.Stretch before running: Most people only focus on stretching their legs before running. But you should take off your socks and stretch your feet as well. It will allow for proper flexion and prepare your foot for pressure loading.

10.Form over function: Don’t wear shoes that hurt your feet. Your body is trying to tell you, you’ve made a mistake. Breathable footwear that doesn’t put pressure on your feet and allows them to flex and bend is the best choice for foot health.

11.A good clean: Pedicures offer your feet a chance to get a good once over. Your feet will be cleaned and pampered, brought up to full hygienic health.

12.Inspection: Inspect your feet every now and again for irregularities and catch problems before they arise into something serious.

13.Morning stretches: Stretch your feet once in the morning, get them ready for a fresh day and ready for any surprises.

14.Don’t share: Do not mix your socks and shoes with someone else. Infectious bacteria can spread like wildfire.

15.Remove dead skin: When you are taking a bath or shower, scrub the dead skin from the soles of your feet away, as well as between your toes.

16.Adjustments: Going to a chiropractor can do wonders for your feet. Each little bone can be clicked back into place, taking a lot of pressure off some nerves.

17.Be more mindful: Don’t abuse your feet and think they will be fine. Watch your step, don’t put any adverse pressure on your feet when working out and remember to keep them dry and clean. 

We all want better, stronger and healthier feet but you can only achieve that by keeping up with the needs of your own body. Listen to what your feet are saying and obey their commands.

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