17 Bright Ideas For Healthier, Tastier Smoothies

17 Bright Ideas For Healthier, Tastier Smoothies

Are you tired of making smoothies that taste like something a toddler made in a tub in the garden? Fear not; this post has you covered! Here, you’ll find 17 bright ideas for healthier, tastier smoothies that will up your smoothie game and help you to stay healthy. Take a look and see what yummy concoction you can make next! 

1. Add more veg than fruit 

It can be tempting to fill your smoothie up with fruit and nothing else, but don’t forget your vegetables. Veg is a great addition to any smoothie, and will add extra vitamins and nutrients. Spinach and kale are two particularly great greens that you can add! 

2. Add a protein source 

If you want to up your protein intake or simply ensure your smoothie fills you up, add a protein source. If you don’t have time to cook a full blown meal one day, a filling protein shake could help you. Add a spoonful of protein powder and you’ll love how it enhances the flavor of your smoothies. Vanilla can go in any shake, but there are so many flavors you can try. 

3. Use an alternative milk 

You can use water in smoothies, but alternative milks will help to enhance the flavor and give them a better texture. Oat milk is very popular because it’s so delicious, but coconut could be a great choice, too! 

4. Use high quality frozen fruit 

High quality frozen fruit like Aussie Frozen Fruit will make a big difference to your shakes. They will be ice cold for longer and taste so much better than when using regular fruit! 

5. Try adding a sugar free syrup 

Sugar free syrups can be added to your smoothies to give them a twist – how about chocolate or caramel? 

6. Use nut butter

Nut butter adds healthy fat and protein to your shake whilst giving it a delicious nutty flavor. Smooth butters are probably better as they blend so much nicer! 

7. Blend it up properly 

Your smoothie is never going to be drinkable if you don’t blend it up properly. You don’t need an expensive blender for this, but you do need a decent one to ensure there are no lumps or strange textures that put you off drinking it. 

8. Include spirinula/wheatgrass

Spirinula and wheatgrass can be a great source of protein and fiber for your smoothies, helping to make them an even better meal replacement option! 

9. Spice it up

Spices have lots of benefits; they add flavor, can help to speed up your metabolism, and even give you more energy. Turmeric and ginger are two of the best available, and they even have anti-inflammatory properties. They taste amazing in a banana smoothie! 

10. Use Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt has twice the protein and half the carbs as regular yogurt, and it’s perfect if you’re looking to make your smoothie even more filling and want to thicken it up. You may not need to add milk if you use yogurt, so bear this in mind! 

17 bright ideas for healthier , tastier smoothies

11. Top It Off

Make your smoothie look Insta-worthy by topping it off with coconut flakes or a few pieces of fruit. You could even add some sweet sauce or chocolate chips for a special treat! 

12. Add A Cup Of Juice

Certain juices can taste nice in smoothies, such as apple juice and orange juice. Don’t add a lot; one cup is enough to enjoy the benefits as well as the taste! 

13. Add coffee

If you need your coffee fix, add a spoonful to your smoothie and kill two birds with one stone. Coffee is probably best with vanilla or chocolate protein powder if that’s what you’re using, but feel free to get experimental. 

14.  Add tea

Why not try green tea if you’re sensitive to coffee in your smoothies? You’ll still get a caffeine fix, but you can avoid the jitters. The flavor should be much more gentle, too! 

15. Take inspiration from your favourite cocktail

If you’re looking for smoothie inspiration, take a look at your favorite cocktail. Why not make a pina colada inspired smoothie with coconut milk, pineapple juice/chunks, and vanilla protein? 

16. Include avocado 

Avocado is a great source of healthy fats and can be fantastic if you find yourself lacking in energy. Blend half an avocado into your shake and you’ll love how it thickens it up and gives it a natural, earthy flavor. It tastes particularly great with chocolate and added cocoa powder! 

17. Add chocolate

When there are no other options, why not try adding some chocolate flakes to a creamy milk smoothy to make it decadent and delicious. Who could resist that!

How will you make tastier smoothies? 

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