17 Bright Ideas for Home Lighting

17 Bright Ideas for Home Lighting

Home lighting can set the mood, transform a room – adding and edge, sophistication or a casual vibe. When it comes to the mood in our homes, nothing quite compares to the effect of lighting. The following are 17 bright ideas to make better use of lighting in your home.

Glam Up The Lighting – Why are kitchens always so functional? There’s nothing to stop you from putting in your own little touch of magic in the form of a Lewis chandelier to add to the natural sunlight, and make for beautiful home lighting.

Go Industrial – If your kitchen has a distinctly industrial feel, you might want to try out industrial pendants. These grey, basic lights don’t have any pretty flourishes: instead, they hang coldly over your kitchen countertops. 

Mobile Rope Chandelier – Mobile Rope chandeliers are quirky and weird, and often brightly colored. If you’re making a custom chandelier, you’ll have to get professionals, like Wire In Electrical, to install it properly. They’re the lighting equivalent of stick insects, spreading out across your ceiling in strange and unpredictable ways. 

The Rattan Pendant – Rattan has been used outdoors extensively in furniture, but now daring designers are using it to create interesting new kitchen lampshades. 

Leafy Lanterns – Leafy lanterns look great outdoors, but they also have a place in bright kitchens, especially during the summer. Pop one above your breakfast table for imaginative home lighting.

Silver Orb Pendants – While leafy lanterns give kitchens a rustic feel, silver orbs have the precise opposite effect. With these, you’ll be in a mix of a 1970s disco and a space-themed interior design. 

Brass Pendants – Brass pendants have been used extensively in kitchens by designers Kesse Carrier and Mara Miller. They like include brass in kitchens that use loud colours, like red and yellow. 

Yellow Lanterns -The Urban Electric Company have built yellow lantern, designed to bring extra pops of color into otherwise dull and drab kitchen spaces. Yellow lanterns go well with colored chairs. 

Drum Shades – Drum shades are a staple of rented accommodation, but they can also be made to look really good, just by mixing and matching. 

Copper Mounted Lights – The use of copper mounted lights in the kitchen adds a level of unexpected shine. They also complement any copper pots and pans on display in your kitchen. 

Reflective Pendants – Reflective pendants are idea for those who don’t want a full-blown vintage feel, but do want to hearken back to days when life was a little simpler. 

A Statement Chandelier – Statement chandeliers are all about creating drama and drawing attention to themselves. Some of the best examples can be found at antiques markets in the environs of Paris. 

Transparent Glass Lanterns – Transparent glass lanterns often come with brass framework which is great for those who want to recreate that vintage townhouse feel. 


Ultra-Modern Steel – Steel is the quintessential industrial material, but lighting that incorporates steel works well with a variety of decor types, according to House Beautiful. 

Clustered GlobesNothing is more authentic than hand-blown glass. Now you can get lighting that clusters lots of hand-blown glass globes together in a single light fitting. 

Decorative Lantern – Paul Cortina has built a decorative lantern that fits in perfectly with pre-war homes. 

Painted Hanging Lights – Finally, hand-forged painted hanging light are all the rage right now and work perfectly with high-sided kitchen islands.

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