17 Bright Ideas for How To Make the Most Out of Tea

17 Bright Ideas for How To Make the Most Out of Tea

A huge thanks to our friends at Dilmah for this wonderful list on my favourite drink – tea! We all love a good cuppa and we all like it ‘just so’.  There is a lot more to tea than how we take it so it’s worth spending some time exploring the hidden depths of this ancient drink. To start with make sure you use good quality unblended tea, like Dilmah, which is handpicked, unblended and made with love.
Tea can preserve its flavour for a long time but only if stored properly. Tea absorbs moisture easily, dislikes warmth and is not a fan of harsh light. Store it in an airtight container and in a cool dark place to keep it tasting fresh.
Tea has many health benefits  – drink tea regularly as it contains antioxidants which help fight off the chemicals that can cause cancer.
Drink unblended teas – many well-known global tea brands blend their teas which means some of the flavour, freshness and health properties are lost so stick to brands that are loyal to single tea varieties.
Cool down on a hot day with homemade iced tea – shop bought iced teas are full of sugar and not as refreshing as one you could whip up.  To make a Lime & Green Tea Refresher just brew 120 ml of Dilmah Green Tea with Jasmine Petals, letting it steep for 5 minutes. Then, strain it in to a glass with ice, pour in 20 ml of grenadine, squeeze in some lime juice and garnish with a wedge of lime – voila!
Say hello to the tea capsule. If you favour convenient caffeine hit in the morning swap your coffee pod for a tea capsule! They work in almost all coffee machines and brew up the perfect cuppa. Order them online to save on the shopping trip!
Tea is very versatile so put it to work!  Tea can help heal shaving cuts, be used to marinade meat,  is good for cleaning floors, eliminates bad odours when added to a foot bath and is a great fertilizer for roses.
Tea is not just for drinking!  Budding chefs should embrace the hot trend of tea gastronomy. Tea is perfect for injecting flavour into food and is easy on the waistline. A great recipe to start off on is Green Tea Poached Chicken Sandwiches
Tea mocktails. If you dread October, fear Feb Fast and hate Dry July, try swapping that after work drink with a tasty mocktail. To get you thinking about all the possible combo’s here’s our favourite recipe: Combine cooled Dilmah Green Tea with Jasmine Petals with ice cold grape juice, elderflower syrup and lemon zest. It’s delicious, nutritious and if served in a wine glass looks just like the real deal!
Go green!!By not being fermented, green tea has the advantage of being able to retain a very high antioxidant level and help aid digestion.
Experiment with flavours. We all have our favourite ‘go to’ tea but variety is the spice of life so why not try some new flavours like; Passionfruit, Pomegranate and Honeysuckle or Blueberry and Vanilla.
Easter is not just for chocolate, get the family together and create your own edible decorations – tea marbled eggs. First hard boil the eggs for 8 minutes then remove them from the water and gently tap the eggshells to crack the shell but make sure it stays intact. Next add your favourite black tea bags to the water (2-4 should do the trick) and return the eggs, let them simmer for at least 5 mins – the longer the better. To finish gently peel off the shells and you will have some pretty, but tasty, eggs.
There is a great variety of flavour even amongst black teas as, like wine, the region where they are grown characterise their flavour. Here’s a simple guide to your favourite Sri Lankan teas: English Breakfast, from the higher western region ,offers a rich deep flavour with slightly grassy and bright notes, Earl Grey, grown well above sea level, is infused with Bergamot flavour so is medium in strength with citrus overtones and Assam, which is picked in the second flush, has a strong malty finish.
There is never a bad time to drink tea, but for a good night sleep don’t drink caffeine too late in the afternoon, replace your black tea with a caffeine free herbal one instead.
Tea gifts – The best way to say I love you or show your appreciation for someone is to spend time with them and what better way to do this then over a delicious high tea. Treat them to a selection of goodies, such as macaroons and blinis, accompanied by a pot of their favourite brew.
Warm winter drinks – Many winter nights are pretty chilly so fight the cold with a warm cup of chai – you can buy them ready made in tea bags or just add cloves, all spice, cinnamon, ginger and cardamom to your favourite black variety.
Be aware what’s in the tea bag! Most global tea brands use the CTC (cut, twist, curl) method when processing tea however this damages the leaves and dilutes the flavour so make sure you only buy tea that are handpicked and crafted using traditional methods.
Two teas in a pod – Tea and alcohol make a great pair so infuse some subtle flavours into your cocktails by adding tea. To make a ‘Dilmah Oasis’ just muddle together 125 ml of chilled Mint Tea with 25 ml of mango juice, 10 ml of fresh lime, 30 ml of white rum and a dash of bitters. Pour over a glass filled with ice and garnish with mango slices and a sprig of mint.


  • Dilmah is a family‐owned Sri Lankan tea company established by Merrill
    J. Fernando, the first tea grower to offer his tea, grown, handpicked
    and traditionally made, directly from the origin. Joined by his sons –
    Dilhan and Malik – whose names form the brand ‘Dilmah’, the Dilmah
    Family pursues a unique mission of making business a matter of human
    service whilst sharing the pleasure in tea with tea drinkers around
    the world.The family commitment to the traditional, artisanal style of
    tea-making has endeared Dilmah to tea aficionados around the world.
    Dilmah rejects the much cheaper but less sophisticated Cut Twist Curl
    (CTC) method of tea manufacturing, and emphasises the importance of
    tea as a luxurious delicacy and a naturally healthy herbal beverage
    that is rich in variety.In 1999 Dilmah initiated its tea gastronomy programme which embraces
    chefs, sommeliers, mixologist’s and tea aficionados in learning about
    tea, working with tea as a harmonious complement and as an ingredient
    to produce unique tea inspired gastronomy and mixology.The fulfillment of Merrill J. Fernando’s commitment to making business
    a matter of human service is seen in the work of his MJF Foundation,
    which is funded by a significant portion of the earnings from the sale
    of Dilmah in over 100 countries.


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