17 Bright Ideas for Kids Picnic Games
You'll love these 17 kids picnic games

17 Bright Ideas for Kids Picnic Games

Need some ideas for Kids Picnic Games? We don’t needs stats to tell us that our generation spent a great deal more time outdoors than children do these days. Modern kids spend a much greater portion of their day playing indoors or in front of computer screens, TV screens or tablets. Yet there are many studies promoting the importance of outdoor play to physical, social and mental development.

Picnics are the perfect excuse to get outdoors and spend time together as a family. Thanks to Sophie from Bask Picnic Rugs, here are 17 bright ideas for kids picnic games. These ideas are fun for the whole family. Think you’re too old for games? Think again…!

Balloon Volleyball – Tie some string between two trees at roughly 3 feet above the ground. Divide the kids into two groups, on either side of the string. Now let them hit a balloon over the string. Don’t keep score, in fact introduce a few balloons to make it even more fun!

Frisbee Chuck – For this game, have everyone at the picnic stand in a line. Let each one take a turn in throwing a Frisbee. Mark where each throw lands with some colourful wooden pegs and see who threw the furthest.

Tree Bowling – Place a soccer ball into some netting or a plastic bag. Tie it to an overhead branch where it can swing, just a few centimetres above the ground. Now place plastic skittles (or plastic soft drink bottles) and have the kids swing the ball to see how many they can knock over.

Bean Bag Clown Toss – Take an old spare white sheet. Draw a large, colourful clown face on it. Cut out a hole where the clown’s nose would be. Now suspend the sheet from a tree or between two trees. Have the kids attempt to throw a beanbag through the clown’s nose.

Picnic Dance Off – For this game, have the kids stand in a circle. Play some of their favourite music and let each kid have a chance to dance in the centre of the circle, showing off their best moves. Everyone cheers for the dance moves they like. The kid who receives the biggest cheers is the Dance Off King or Queen.

Broken Telephone – This game is sure to produce hilarious results. Have the kids stand in a line about a metre apart from each other. Now give the first child a message relating to the picnic. For example, “The food was great, we ate and ate, but we had the most fun, playing games in the sun.” Now have the kid’s pass the message down the line, but make sure they whisper it. The last kid then shouts out the message, which is sure to be very different than when it first started.

Jumping Jack Splash – This one is a lot of fun, especially on hot days. You will need a long skipping rope and some plastic cups. Have two adults hold the skipping rope close to the ground and varying the height depending on the child. Give each kid a plastic cup filled close to the top with water. Now have them run and jump over the rope three times. The winner is the kid who spills the least water.

Dodge Ball – An old classic but still a firm favourite. Have two adults stand around 10 metres apart with the kids in between them. Using a soft, large ball, try to hit the children with each throw. If a kid is hit, they join the team on the side from where they were hit.

123 Home – Use your picnic rug as a home base. One person is King or Queen and they sit in the centre of the rug, close their eyes and count to 30. Everyone runs and hides somewhere nearby. The aim of the game is to sneak ‘home’ and touch the picnic rug and say ‘123 Home!’ before the King or Queen spots you.

Freeze Dance – Get some great tunes playing on your phone and have everyone dance along. One person is in charge of pausing the music in secret. Whoever is the last to stop dancing is eliminated. Keep playing until there is a winner!

Nursery Rhyme Gargle – Each child must recite a nursery rhyme that you have given them while gargling water. The other children then need to guess what nursery rhyme it was The perfect kids picnic games for younger kids.

Three-Legged Race – A classic kids picnic games, but still lots of fun! Group the children in pairs. Have them stand next to each other and tie their inner legs together. Give each group a chance to practice and to learn to run as a team. Now have them race over a short distance with the winners receiving a small prize!

Balloon Buckets – You will need two buckets and 20 water filled balloons. Divide the kids into two groups. Place the water filled balloons on the ground and a bucket around 5 metres away. Each team member needs to pick up a balloon with their mouths and place it in the bucket. The team to do it the fastest are the winners!

Balloon Water Fights – This one is easy and perfect for a hot summer’s day. Give everyone a water filled balloon. On your mark…. I’m sure you can guess what happens from that point onwards!

Egg ‘n Spoon Race – Give each child a spoon and an egg. Have them race between two points balancing the egg on the spoon. Whoever gets to the finishing line first without breaking his egg is the winner. A word of advice… boil them first!

Doughnut Bobbing – Tie ring doughnuts from string and hang from a tree branch at varying heights. Now have the children try to eat the donuts without using their hands. With this game you will also have dessert covered!

Monkey in the Middle – You’ll need a ball and groups of 3. Two people throw the ball to each other and the third person is the monkey in the middle. When the monkey intercepts the ball, they switch places with the person who threw it.

  • Inspired by the Project Wild Thing documentary, Sophie is on a mission to get kids spending more time outdoors and playing in nature. Her online store, Bask Picnic Rugs, promotes picnics as the ideal way to encourage outdoor play and fun family time. We love kids picnic games!
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