17 Bright Ideas For Low Cost Gifts For Teachers

17 Bright Ideas For Low Cost Gifts For Teachers

In need of Low Cost Gifts for your children’s Teachers? With the school year almost at an end, you might be thinking about what you might give to your kids teachers as a Thank You gift or a Christmas present. You can always buy a beautiful gift but if your budget doesn’t extend very far, here are 17 bright ideas for low cost gifts that will show your sincere appreciation but won’t break your budget.

Herb Garden – Take a trip to a nursery or hardware store and pick out a couple of herb plants and then plant 2-3 into a small pot. Parsley, coriander, chives or mint will always come in handy. You could even go for strawberries or chillies if you just want to but one plant. Why not get your kids to make the gift more personal by decorating the pot and adding some pretty ribbon with a thank you note.

Picture in a Frame – Find a great frame that fits your budget. Take a look at Ikea or Target for something simple. Then, get some of your child’s artwork and place it inside. If you really want to get creative, take a photo of your child with a ‘Thank You’ or ‘Happy Holidays’ sign and place that in the frame. Your teacher can then re-use the frame for their own photos.

White Christmas – A home made food gift is always a great low cost gift idea that comes from the heart. You can get the kids involved in making White Christmas. Take a look at this version from Taste.com.au. Wrap them in some cellophane, some red and green ribbon and a pretty thank you note. This is a good option if you have a lot of teachers to give gifts to, for instance at Day Care.

A “Thank You’ Box – Take a trip to a craft shop and find an unpainted box. Get your child to decorate the box with paint, feathers, jewels or stickers, especially for their favourite teacher. Then, take some pretty paper and cut into little squares. Get your child to write little notes on each paper that might say ‘thank you for helping me improve my reading’ or ‘thank you for take us on a great excursion’. Once you have a few ‘thank you notes’, fold them up and then place them inside the box. Your child’s teacher will be excited to read all the messages and appreciate the personal sentiment.

Book Mark – Buy some cardboard and cut out some book mark sized rectangles. If you are creative, you can do some other shaped like Christmas Bells or your teachers initials. Then you kids can decorate the bookmark (make this gift personal by adding your teachers name and the year somewhere on it) before you get them laminated. You can try Officeworks or Snap Printing. Finally, punch a whole at the top and thread through some gold or silver ribbon to give the gift the finished touch. These make memorable and unique low cost gifts for teachers.

Truffles – Who doesn’t love a bit of chocolate? Instead of buying a box of chocolates, get the kids involved in making some delicious chocolate truffles. They are very simple to make and you can make a big batch if you have lots of gifts to give. Try this version from allrecipes.com.au.

Personalised Christmas Bauble – You will need to buy a large Christmas bauble that has a bit of spare space on it. Use a gold pen or a glitter pen to neatly write the teachers name on the bauble and don’t forget to write the year as well.

Calendar – You can make a simple calendar by using a template in Word or any other word processing program you have. Get your kids to do some drawings or add photos for each month then print it off and bind the 12 months together for a simple gift that will remind your child’s teacher of the all year. Tip – use a thicker paper stock (100 to 120 gsm) to help make the calendar stronger.

Pens/Pencils – Teachers always need pens and pencils. Why not visit your local news agency or stationary store and purchase a few pens or pencils then tie them in a bunch with some pretty ribbon and a thank you tag.

Candles – There are a lot of different candles out there with a wide range of prices. Save a bit if money by purchasing a plain candle and then get your kids to decorate the candle with ribbons, glue on jewels and glitter.

A Poem – This is a very inexpensive option that will show a lot of heart (and show what they have learnt during the school year). Help your child to write something heartfelt about their teacher or about the festive season or even about the upcoming summer holidays. A tip for parents, guide your kids in what they write but don’t write the poem for them. Place the poem inside a card or roll it up and tie some tinsel around it to make it look special.

Carry Bag – If you have a sewing machine use some calico to make a simple carry bag. If you are not that handy, just buy one. Take a look at eBay for some good bargains. Once you have a bag, get some fabric paint and get your child to paint something on the front. You could even get the kids to put their hand prints on the bag or draw themselves or their teacher. If you are more crafty, sew on buttons and ribbons to make it look really special.

Lottery Ticket – You can get a Scratch Lottery Ticket for as low as $1.10. A nice way to present this gift is inside a Christmas Bonbon for a festive look. Your teacher might enjoy opening the gift with your child and how excited will they be if they win.

Cup of Tea – Make a visit to the Vinnies store and find a one-off tea cup and saucer set. You can find some very pretty and well made pieces of Bone China that will look very special and would normally cost a lot if you bought them in a department store. Give them a very good clean. Add a small box of tea into the cup then wrap with cellophane and ribbon for a special thank you gift. A low cost gifts for teachers that they will be able to use for many years.

Note Book – Take a plain covered note book and cover it with your child’s artwork. If you want to be a bit more adventurous, decoupage the cover. Get your child to cut out lots of little pictures (you could choose pictures that fit to a theme like Christmas, summer or sport) then layer the pictures all over the cover and overlap them over one another before you glue them down. Finally, cover with Contact for a polished finished look.

Personal Message – Give your favourite teacher a personal message on a cute USB stick. There are lots of different, fun and unique USB sticks out there so you can find one that fits your teachers personality and your budget. Then, video your child giving a special message to say Thank You to his or her teacher. Personal and useful all at the same time.

Apples – What says ‘Thank You Teacher’ more than apples? Buy a few organic apples and tie bows to the top of each. Present them in a little brown box or a basket. Alternatively, you could make your own toffee apples. Buy some strong sticks, put on a green apple and dip into some toffee. If you have a bigger budget, buy a small apple tree.




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