17 Bright Ideas for Make Up Secrets to Master the ‘Day Look’

17 Bright Ideas for Make Up Secrets to Master the ‘Day Look’


From extra lovely lashes to the perfect lip colour, make up is often that little something that finishes off every outfit and leaves you feeling confident, beautiful and ready to take on whatever the world throws at you. There are a few secrets that every girl must know when it comes to mastering the perfect day look with your make-up. Move past time and budget constraints with some of these bright ideas that will have you looking flawless all day! Thanks to Laura Zammit from The Body Shop At Home, here are 17 Bright Ideas for Make Up Secrets To Master The ‘Day Look’:

Natural Foundation – When it comes to foundation, sometimes less is more. You’ll never achieve a natural look by heavily applying make up. You can always add more foundation or concealer to your look, so start by applying it lightly and gradually build on your colour until you achieve your desired level of coverage.

Brown Lashes – Replace your black mascara for a brown during the day for a more casual and softer look.

Choose Lips or Eyes – Play up your eyes or your lips… never both! While some can pull off a dark smokey eye during the day, it is always safer to choose to play up your lips; apply a bright bold lip colour in shades of pink, red or coral, and keep your eye shadow to a complete minimum!

Flaky – Before applying powder on your skin gently blow any excess off your brush to avoid flaking!

Bold Brows – Eyebrows shape your face and should always receive some attention when applying your makeup. First comb your brows out with a spoolie brush or a clean mascara wand, then using a soft brow pencil, shape the brow using the thinner side of the tip.

Bronzed – Opt for a subtle bronzer before blush for a more natural look. Apply it where the sun naturally hits your face, e.g., nose, and tip of your chin.

Luscious Lips – If you’re trying a bold lip colour or your lips have been damaged by the wind or sun – here is a home remedy that will leave your lips beautifully soft and smooth. Start with applying a moisturising lip balm and then with a clean toothbrush gently scrub your lips. This will leave your lips feeling smooth and ready for application.

Gliding Liner – For lip liner that just glides on, warm it up by lightly pinching with your fingertips.

Conserve Your Product – You should try wetting your makeup sponge slightly before you dip it into your foundation. The dampness of the sponge will cause it to absorb less product, meaning you’ll achieve a much more natural look!

Quick Fix – Running late and need to shake the look from your face that suggests you just woke up? The fastest way to cover this is to brighten the whites of your eyes by using a flesh-colored pencil to line the inside rim.

Two in One – The quickest way to add a dash of colour to your face is to apply a pink or red lipstick to your lips then add a dash to your cheeks and lightly spread and rub in with a finger.

Mascara Madness – If you find it hard to keep your mascara on your eyelashes and it always ends up on your eyelids- relax! Always let it dry before you wipe it off with a cotton swab, if you try wipe it off while wet it will only smudge!

Feeling Flat? – If your hair is looking dirty and flat, you can always camouflage your roots by zigzagging your part.

Always Brighten your Cheeks – It’s like the pen license of make up – every make up user should understand the importance of blush! Blush is indispensable to a fresh and bright looking face. Try a peachy pink or a rosy hue on the apple of your cheeks, not too much; just a dash and you’ll have the perfect playful flush.

Try BB – BB cream is a great alternative to foundation and gives you lighter coverage meaning it is perfect to chuck on in the morning!

Night Repair – Your skin naturally repairs itself overnight so be sure to apply your moisturiser every night.

Clumpy Mascara – To avoid your mascara getting clumpy before its four-month expiry date, try putting it in a cup of hot water for a minute or two then give it a soft shake.

  • Laura Zammit is an independent business owner with The Body Shop At Home. With a strong passion for make up and making people feel great about themselves, Laura has built a successful business with The Body Shop At Home. For more information about visit the website – The Body Shop At Home

Laura Zammit


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