17 Bright Ideas For Making Healthier Choices

17 Bright Ideas For Making Healthier Choices

Making healthier choices can feel difficult at first, but if you take it one step at a time you should be able to create healthy habits that you can stick to! Below, you’ll find 17 bright ideas for making healthier choices. Take a look:

  1. Watch The Content You Consume

Content you consume on TV, social media, and other channels will play a huge part in how you think and feel about the choices you make. Choose wisely! 

  1. Understand Where You Need To Improve

What is it you think you need to improve on? Do you eat out too much? Maybe you don’t eat proper meals? Try to become a little more introspective

  1. Spend Time With People Who Make Healthy Choices

The more time you spend with those who make healthy choices, the easier it’ll be for you. 

  1. Don’t Beat Yourself Up

If you make an ‘unhealthy’ choice, don’t beat yourself up. Shame will keep you stuck in a loop! 

  1. Remember What Health Is Really About 

Health isn’t about abs or seeing your ribs. Health is about feeling happy and healthy. It’s how you feel that counts! 


  1. Simply Change The Way You Cook Foods

If you always deep fry your food, swap your deep fryer for an Air fryer. Something as simple as this can work wonders. 

  1. Make Smart Swaps 

If you like to eat regular pasta dishes, try swapping a few for red lentil or high protein pasta instead. 

  1. Make These Changes For The Right Reasons

Make sure you’re doing this for yourself, and you have strong reasons to want to do so. Don’t do this for anybody else! 

  1. Focus On Achieving Balance

Your ultimate aim should be achieving balance. It isn’t about being perfectly healthy and making only the best choices all of the time! You’re not a robot. 

  1. Remember, Health Isn’t Just About What You Eat

Healthier choices aren’t just about what you eat, but about what you drink, whether you smoke, how often you exercise, etc. It’s a full picture of how you live! 

  1. Focus On How You Feel

As we mentioned, this is all about how you feel. Try to get more in tune with how you feel so you can figure out if something is working for you or not. 

  1. Make Healthy Choices for The Planet

As well as making healthy choices for yourself, make healthy choices for the planet. Cut down on meat. Stop buying bottled water and invest in a filter. There are all kinds of things you can do. 

  1. Make Meals In Bulk and Freeze Them

Making meals in bulk and freezing them will mean not having an excuse to get a takeaway! 

  1. Take Your Own Packed Lunch To Work 

Make your own lunch and avoid rubbish supermarket lunches that don’t even fill you up. 

  1. Avoid Buying Items You Can’t Resist

If you know you’re bound to eat an entire packet of chocolate biscuits in one sitting, just refuse to buy them. 

  1. Practice Self Care

Take baths. Read books. Look after your skin. This is all about health too! 

  1. Get A Hobby

Focus on a hobby that you really enjoy, and you may not feel so inclined to make unhealthy choices such as binge drinking and eating to excess.

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