17 Bright Ideas for Making Your Home Healthier
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17 Bright Ideas for Making Your Home Healthier

Your home is a lot unhealthier than you might think. So, if you are always complaining about coughs, chest issues and allergies, read on – these healthy home improvements might help!

1.Choose low VOC paint

The standard paint you buy from your local shops is full of toxins that can cause all kinds of issues, from headaches through to breathing problems. Make the switch to low-VOC emission paint, and you might improve your health.

2. Choose non-allergy carpets

Your carpets could be causing you illness due to its ability to collect allergens. According to Carpet One, however, there is a good range of non-allergy alternatives. Take a look around and swap your old carpets for new ones and you will reduce allergy-based complaints in your home.

3. Improve airflow

Pollutants from outdoors enter your home from almost every angle. You need to ensure you have proper ventilation, so the dirt and dust don’t settle.

4. Keep out the sun

Natural light is lovely in the home, but UV rays are less so. The solution? Buy UVA-filtering film that sticks onto your windows and keeps those nasty rays at bay.

5. Clean up your cleaning products

The average cleaning product is stacked full of nasty chemicals. Use natural cleaners such as bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, and lemon juice instead.

6. Check your soil

The soil in your garden could contain all manner of health-harming substances, from lead to radon. Get your soil tested and take action if needed.
7. Reduce Pesticides

While we’re on the subject of your garden, try to use plants and flowers that are native to your area. It means you will need to use fewer pesticides and fertilizer which can often end up coming into the home.

8. Improve your water quality

Most tap water is safe, of course, but to make sure you aren’t drinking pollutants, always use a water filtration system. Not only is it healthier, but it also tastes a lot better!

9. Use reclaimed or hardwoods, not plywood

Plywood and chipboard are created with formaldehyde resins – which is a carcinogenic substance. Instead, always choose reclaimed or hardwood alternatives to avoid respiratory problems and impaired lung functions.

10. Avoid vinyl

Vinyl flooring also contains toxins, so stick to natural flooring instead.

11. Invest in lots of dust sheets

Whenever you do any DIY work at home, use dust sheets to make sure that you are keeping all mess contained. One it gets on your furniture, the likelihood is more of it will enter your lungs.

12. Buy an air purifier

Ventilation only works up to a point – so by an air purifier for maximum effect on the cleanliness of the air in your home.

13. Always use kitchen exhaust fans

Kitchen exhaust fans aren’t just for removing smoke from burnt food. Make sure that you always use your fans when cooking to remove carbon dioxide and water vapour.

14. Invest in allergy-control bed covers

Make sure you avoid dust mites and bed bugs by investing in allergy-control covers, mattresses, and pillows. It will save you many sneezes over the next 10 years!

15. Upgrade your vacuum

The better your vacuum, the more efficient it will be – and the fewer allergies you will have at home.

16. Invest in dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers can reduce the chances of moisture build up starting to grow mould. Get one, and you will avoid developing spore-related breathing issues.

17. Buy a carbon monoxide detector
Finally, make sure to invest in a carbon monoxide detector to ensure your CO levels are safe. It might just save your life.

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