17 Bright Ideas For Making Your Home More Vintage

17 Bright Ideas For Making Your Home More Vintage

Your home looks lovely, and it’s something you’re proud of living in. You’ve decorated it exactly to your tastes, and you’re always feeling cosy snuggling down within its walls. Or maybe you’re someone who doesn’t like the contemporary look that’s oh so popular these days, and now you want something a little more vintage. Well, this is your chance: here’s some bright ideas about how you can turn back the clock and make your four walls more vintage.

Know the Era – Before you get started on any vintage work, make sure you know the era you’re trying to replicate, and that you’re not going to be mixing and matching in your vintage furniture shopping. A cohesive period of style will help to bring your home together a lot better.

Stock the Cabinet with Dishes – Antique dishes, like the ones your grandmother has stacked away in the special cabinet for special occasions, are the dishes you need to look out for here. You can find plenty of reproduction china and ceramic at most furniture stores, and then have them on display, pride of place in the back of the dining room.

Use Worn Decorating on the Doors and Windows – Your doors probably look all neat and tidy, with a bit of sheen gloss to boot. Well, this would be completely out of place in a vintage or traditional household, if you’re going back a couple of centuries. Why not chip some of that paint off? Or maybe repaint it with a darker white or dusky grey? It’ll look wonderfully aged.

See if You Can Get an Aga – Agas were the staple of the early 19th century farmhouse, and even up to the 50s, 60s, and 70s were they a popular option for the family kitchen. Why not see about getting one installed in your house? Be careful: it will continually burn, ready for food to cook in it at any time during the day.

Get a New Fireplace – Your fireplace might have been covered up or blocked out when you moved into your current home, or the one you have hasn’t been working in a very long time. Either way, a good fire place was the staple of the Victorian or Edwardian household, and you might just want to bring this idea back with some wood burning fireplace options!

Get the Sandpaper Out!  – This is to make sure that the paint on your kitchen cabinets, your tables, your sideboards etc., looks a little more worn out and aged. Get a bit of sandpaper on the edges of these furniture pieces and you’ll be good to go.

Replace the Door Handles – Get rid of the handles on the doors and cabinets and replace them with knobs. They’re a lot easier to install than you think, and will make your fitted kitchen look like it stepped out of a Victorian design magazine!

Start Knitting – To make sure you’ve got a patchwork quilt, to go over you bed and give your bedding a more dated and traditional look. A lot of love goes into a project like this!

Sprinkle Some Oak Around – Oak furniture, especially oak panels, are always going to give a house more of a rustic look. Why not mount some on the walls as a form of siding? Or mount some above your bed and have more of a feature wall – only this time it shows off the vintage element in your lifestyle!

Grow Some Fruit Trees – Fruit trees are always talked about in classic children’s books, so why not start growing some? Apple and pear trees are especially popular – try and grow them right outside your window for the maximum effect!

Change the Oven – If you can’t get an aga, why not look for a retro oven, to really change the look and feel of your kitchen? Something with small doors on the front, or even something that’s a bit gaudy in colour and bulky in size.

Use Candles – Even put them in mason jars, to make sure you’re really fitting the aesthetic of an age before regulated electricity outfitted our walls and appliances.

Stock Books Everywhere – Books were the prime source of entertainment until the invention of the TV, so why not have small stacks of them all over the place? They’ll remind you to get lost in a good book a little more.

Try Some Retro Wallpapers – Let’s go back to the 60s here! Retro wallpapers can be found in all good home depo and DIY stores – you’re going to want loud colour patterns and assorted shapes to truly signify a retro wallpaper roll!

Change the Curtains – You’re going to want some thicker, heavier curtains to go over your vintage windows. Not only will this help you to sleep better at night, dealing with those pesky modern sleep disorders, but it’ll also help you to keep the cool in during the summer and the heat in during the winter. Built to last, as they use to say!

Have a Tea Tray – Tea trays were always a popular option for anyone living in a warm house with their family all around them, gathered in the living room after dinner or all listening to the programs on the radio together. Why not have a permanent tea try fixture on your coffee table to try and recreate a scene like this?

Change Your Headboard – Cast iron headboards were littered throughout households during the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, so why not buy one of your own? If you’ve got some drapes to already cover your bed, as well as a patchwork quilt to keep you warm at night, you’ll be falling asleep in Victorian aesthetic bliss!

  • Making your home look a little more vintage doesn’t have to take a lot; just a few design choices sprinkled here and there. Don’t be afraid to ruin the current aesthetic you have in your house – you like the dated or vintage look, and you need to go all out to achieve it properly!


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