17 Bright Ideas for Natural And Effective Beauty Products

17 Bright Ideas for Natural And Effective Beauty Products

As a busy mum, you want to know that beauty products you buy are going to get you results. On the other hand, you want to know that what you put on your skin and hair is natural and good for you. Well, you CAN have both – products that use natural ingredients and are effective. Here are 17 Bright Ideas for Natural Beauty Products that will help you look better, written for us by Brittany Bennett.

Body Glow – A body glow product is a great alternative to fake tan for when you want a fresh and healthy glow all year round. For starters, you don’t have to strip down in front of someone you don’t know and secondly you don’t have to worry about not getting it absolutely perfect and then having it dry in streaks! Body Glow acts as a BB cream for your body. Why not give RCK (Red Carpet Kolour) a try? It doesn’t rub off on your clothes once it dries. In fact, it was made in conjunction with celebrity MUA Joanna Schlip specifically for her clients who regularly walk the red carpet.

Affordable Products – Natural is the way of the future and you can get it at an affordable price. Look for products that feature hydrating ingredients such as jojoba, aloe vera, rose hip and almond oils. They are hydrating and nourish your skin. Puretopia has a great affordable range that features all of the above and new mum Jodi Anasta is the face of the range.

Radiant Skin – pepta-bright, from Indeed Lab, is a cream serum that helps to improve skin clarify while diminishing the appearance of dark spots and hyper-pigmentation, resulting in a more radiant skin tone. It is a combination of 7 powerful active ingredients that target 7 biological factors involved with the pigmentation process. It is formulated free from hydroquinone, kojic acid, mercury and parabens. This is a great way to get rid of the problem without having to pay for expensive procedures.

DIY Wax – Need a wax but don’t have time to make an appointment? Andrea is the must have DIY product to suit all of your waxing needs and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. No more inconvenient time scheduling or awkward experiences with therapists who you don’t know. Perfect for busy mums.

Groomed Eye Brows – They are a great asset to help define your face and accentuate your best features. The Ardell brow sculpting gel provides a perfect all day hold to tame those brows into shape. Available in clear and tinted.

Just Add Water – Feeling dehydrated and bothered on those school runs and extra curricular activities? Evian Water or similar sprays are a great way to pep yourself up and feel refreshed when you are feeling underwhelmed by all of your tasks.

Serums – A serum is a great way to boost hydration to your skin, particularly in the cooler months. Indeed Labs have a great serum called hydraluron which features hyaluronic acid, an ingredient that holds 1000 times its weight in water, therefore you can imagine the impact that it will have on your skin. Apply this before moisturising. It sells approximately every 9* seconds in the UK. Another options fromIndeed Labs is snoxin, a multi- peptide, anti-ageing wonder serum that has the highest allowable concentration of the most effective anti- ageing peptides- combating all aspects of skin ageing appearance. This product targets the appearance of dynamic and static lines, wrinkles, sagginess and textural damage. It is colour, fragrance and parabean free, it has no tint or odour and is it suitable for all skin types.

Shampoo Without Getting Wet – Don’t have time to wash your hair? Don’t stress, this is what Dry Shampoo is for! If you are on a budget, Polished London is a great product that provides blonde and brunette specific dry shampoo as well as two dry shampoos that suit all hair types. For a salon product, Paul Mitchell Dry Wash is a waterless dry shampoo that instantly refreshes and revives your hair.

Blur it! – Blur’s are popping up onto the market on a weekly bases but what do they actually do? A Blur product basically reflects light in billions of directions, giving your skin a flawless, photoshop finish. This is a great product to have if you are having an ‘off day’ or need to look amazing for an occasion, interview or meeting. The original blur product is Indeed Labs nanoblur, which is the #1 selling skincare product in Priceline. It is also an international best seller with it being estimated that is sells every 6* seconds in the UK. Put a small amount of this product over the top of your make up and blur away lines.

Wow Factor Lashes – Want to glam up for that must needed night off from the kids? Add some definition to your eyes for instant wow factor with the Ardell Glamour Starter Kit. It contains all of the tools you need to quickly and easily apply lashes. Lashes are a great pick up for the busy mum who does not have long to get herself ready.

Mask It – For a hydration boost in winter, Indeed Labs have released a new hydraluron mask. These masks use breakthrough 3D timed release of hyaluronic acid to provide the perfect solution to dry, dehydrated skin. The mask’s 3D enzyme structure allows for prolonged retention of the hyaluronic acid’s moisturising effect, providing up to 24 hours of moisture that penetrates deeper into the skin. This effective enzyme also gives a slower timed release of hyaluronic acid, resulting in a longer lasting feeling of plumpness and hydration, which absorbs quickly into the skin.

Eye Moisturisers – A great way to keep the delicate skin around your eyes supply and wrinkle free for longer. The Puretopia Eye Rescue has a metal ball that cools the skin as it applies the product. It is also full of nourishing ingredients such as Shea Butter. If you want a heavier duty product however, Indeed Labs have created eysilix, a breakthrough eye contour treatment that visibly delivers instant and long-term results. eysilix is a complete formula that combines 10 ultra modern active peptides and the finest botanical extracts that specifically target concerns surrounding the eye area. This product features a new generation nano- tensor delivery system that is designed to immediately relax expression lines and wrinkles. When applied it instantly forms a 3D film for an immediate lifting and smoothing effect. eysilix maximises optical properties of the skin to boost radiance and provide instant luminosity, immediately wiping away signs of stress and fatigue.

BB Cream – For a quick beauty look that will make your face look fresher and give you a healthy glow, a BB cream is a great way to go. This product hides imperfections, lightens, brightens and even provides SPF protection on most occasions. OFRA Cosmetics have an amazing BB cream that is light and hydrating on your skin. A great product for any women who is constantly on the go!

Intense Hair Repair – Been neglecting your locks lately? A hair mask is a great way to keep your hair revived and healthy for a longer period of time when you can no longer make your 6 week hairdresser appointment. If you are on a budget, give Puretopia hair mask a try but if you want a more targeted mask (aka for dry hair, for curly hair, for colour treated hair) Paul Mitchell have a large range on offer that target all hair types, available from hairdressers.

Headlice Remover – Have you suffered through that dreaded moment when your kids come home from school with headlice and pass it onto you? Now you don’t need to worry. There is a great natural headlice product on the market that is a must have for any mum. Headlice Hero is a treatment spray that is gentle on hair and lethal on lice! This 10 minute treatment is scientifically proven to get rid of lice and eggs while leaving hair feeling soft, silky and conditioned. Gone are the days when your head lice treatment dried your hair out so much that you had to cut it! The Headlice Hero Treatment Spray attacks head lice infestations with state- of- the- art scientific advances by a physical means and eradicates the lice by killing them and preventing the eggs from hatching. The physical action is a non poisonous process that coats the lice causing them to dehydrate and die. This is also a great preventative product

Invigorating Body Wash – Every mum needs a pick me up in the morning to get her going so why not try an invigorating body wash to give you the kick start you need. Puretopia has an all natural Wake Up Invigorating and Moisturising Body Wash that not only softens skin with its soap free formulation but also uses aromatherapy to invigorate your mind.

Get The Right Tools – To get a polished look, make sure you have great tools to apply make-up. Brushes are an important part of any make-up routine so why not invest in at least one good brush for eyeshadow or blush. OFRA has a range of single brushes or complete brush kits that have natural bristles to give you a polished look.

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