17 Bright Ideas for Organising Your Wardrobe

17 Bright Ideas for Organising Your Wardrobe

One of the best ways to restore your confidence, give yourself more time and feel good about yourself is to have an organised wardrobe. Nadine and Donna from Body Map have put together some great tips with 17 Bright Ideas for Organising Your Wardrobe so you can co-ordinate your look:

Colour Co-ordinate – A great way to organise the things hanging in your wardrobe is to colour co-ordinate them, ie all reds together, all blues together etc.

Same Clothes Together – Another way to organise is to hang the same garment types together, ie all cardigans together, all jackets and all skirts together. Using both colour and garment type to organise your wardrobe will enable you to lay your hands on whatever you want very quickly.

Use consistent hangers for all your clothes – This will help you to quickly assess the relative length of things especially tops and dresses, plus it looks better 🙂

Button up your jackets and cardigans so they sit well and keep their shape  – Use padded hangers for anything you suspect may take on the shape of the coat-hanger corners. Very likely, your shoulders will have a different shape from the coat-hangers!

Display your scarves – Having scarves where you can see them helps you use their colours to tie various garment colours together. By wearing a multicoloured scarf you may find ways to combine clothes of colours you didn’t think would co-ordinate.

Re-arrange your shoes – Did you know you can arrange your shoes to fit 30% more in your wardrobe? Do this by turning one of each pair to face the opposite direction. This reduces the wasted space between them.

Only hang or stack clean things that are ready to wear – This reduces the chance of you forgetting or accidentally wearing something that needs cleaning or mending.

Cull everything regularly – Keep, mend, alter or give stuff away. Tagging things that need altering and then storing them separately will help you swiftly action those things. If you find you don’t get around to the mending, altering etc, then perhaps you don’t need them…?

Give yourself some time if you are unsure – If you’re not sure about the culling process you’ve engaged in with your clothes, store the culled items separately and then if you don’t wear those items in the next 6-12 months, and you don’t miss them… or you don’t remember you have them…you can safely give them away.

Don’t keep things you’ll never fit into again – Regardless of whether you’ve grown or shrunk, it’s depressing when you see them and they can make you feel badly about yourself. Plus, they get in the way of other things you can wear. If you love them, give them to a loved one so you can still enjoy seeing them.

Display your jewelry so you can see it – Otherwise it’s easy to forget what you have. It also helps you see at a glance what colours and shapes will go with your outfit. You can do this artfully through using pictures frames, painted cork boards, beautiful pieces of rustic timber with hooks inserted – whatever fits with your style.

Use hooks – Put hooks on the backs of your doors and inside cupboard doors to maximise the space you have. Hang things you will grab at the last minute like scarves, outerwear, hats or umbrellas.

Place a mirror on your darkest wall – That wall will be the one with the most light emanating from it, via a window or lamp out into the room. That way you catch the most light when you’re in front of it and can make decisions about outfits more quickly and with confidence.

Ensure there is good lighting in the room to save time trying things on – Natural light is best, but artificial light will do. Daylight bulbs are the next best thing to natural daylight.

Know what works – Document the outfits you know work well so you can assemble them again quickly.

Learn about proper fit and then buy only what fits you well – If your clothing is uncomfortable or needs constant readjusting, you’re not going to want to wear it anyway. Ignore size labels – assess the fit according to how the clothes feel and how they actually sit on you.

Know your own personal colour palette – Buy only things in colours that harmonise with your natural colouring and will therefore co-ordinate with the clothes you already own, so you’re not left with orphan clothing – a whole lot of stuff that doesn’t go together. Orphan clothing only takes up valuable space in your wardrobe and has minimal use.

  • Nadine and Donna from Body Map are passionate about helping women find a sense of wellbeing and establishing their unique personal style. Their decision to help women transform their wellbeing and confidence sprang from seeing women around them struggle to find energy, feel good about themselves, communicate their values and celebrate their natural beauty.



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