17 Bright Ideas for Preparing and Protecting Your Home and Appliances this Storm Season

17 Bright Ideas for Preparing and Protecting Your Home and Appliances this Storm Season


Freak storms and weather events do occur all year round, however these weather patterns become more prominent in the warmer months, between November and March, leaving your home and appliances vulnerable. Ensure you have taken all the proper precautions to protect your home and contents this summer. A big thanks to Jane Richter, Marketing Manager at Crest Electronics for this informative list with 17 Bright Ideas for Preparing and Protecting Your Home And Appliances This Storm Season:

Ensure gutters and downpipes are clear – If unclear they can send water flow into your home during storms.

Ensure you have no roof damage as cracks and loose – Tiles may not be able to endure high-pressure winds.

Store your cars in a garage or undercover – But never under trees.

Secure or relocate any outdoor furniture, toys or ornaments – Check behind sheds and garage too.

Trim loose and overarching branches – If near power lines, call in a professional.

Protect all your appliances with Crest surge protection devices – This way you don’t have to worry about turning off all your appliances or electronics and you’re protected if lightning strikes or power surges occur.

Maintain a list of emergency contact details readily to hand – Take a look at the 17 Bright Ideas free templates to get a free contact list sheet so you’ll be ready for anything.

Make sure you have a torch in an easily accessible place with spare batteries – Remember to let everyone in the family know where they are kept.

Prepare an emergency first aid kit – Take a look at our list on what to include in a first aid kit for some ideas.

In case of flooding, store any hazardous materials above ground level – Keep them away from kids and animals too.

Make sure your pets and animals are in a safe place – Think about a place where they won’t see flashing lightening or hear too much noise.

Tape windows in a criss cross pattern to avoid damage – Be prepared and buy tape now so you have it ready when you need it.

Always recognise the safest room to take shelter if needed – Make sure every one in the family knows which room is the safest.

Have plenty of spare fresh drinking water on hand – Collect some plastic bottles and fill your water in preparation.

Fix any loose fitting or affected timber – Maintain the exterior of your home and check on a regular basis.

Have a battery operated radio with spare batteries on hand – Listen for updates and warnings from relevant authorities in the event of a major power failure.

Insurance – Check your insurance policies are current and adequate for your property, vehicles and belongings.


  • Jane Richter is the National Marketing Manager at Crest. Crest’s Power Management range offers around the clock protection against excessive fluctuations in power supply coming through the grid and into your home; causing severe damage to electrical equipment that is typically left switched on, like your televisions and fridges. Crest quality surge protection devices start from as little as $20 – a tiny price for peace of mind. For more information on Crest please visit http://www.crest.com.au



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