17 Bright Ideas for Quick and Easy Beauty Tips for Mums

17 Bright Ideas for Quick and Easy Beauty Tips for Mums

A huge thanks to Sylvie Hutchings founder and CEO of Scout Cosmetics (http://www.scoutcosmetics.com/) for this fantastic list of tips and tricks for looking good easily and quickly!  Sylvie is a busy working Mum to 3 boys and prior to her career in the cosmetics world had a career as a flight attendant.  I’ll certainly be trying all these out myself!

Use fingers to swipe on an eyeshadow. Saves time looking for your brush (one of the children may have taken it).
Minimise the use of shimmer. You can use it, just limit it to maximum of 2 features or one. You can always up the ante for the evening.

Speed up your usual routine! Keep your day to day items in one small bag so you don’t have to sort through a whole load of products to find the ones you need.

Use as many dual purpose products as you can. i.e. our SCOUT daily C treatment Gel doubles as a toner.
Use natural colours. It is harder to be precise with a deeper, darker shade of eyeshadow than it is with a muted colour.

Only line and apply mascara to the top lid and lashes.

If you are using Mineral Powder foundation you could (if you are super organized at night time) load up your brush with the powder all ready to go in the morning.

If using Fluid Foundation, apply it as you would a moisturiser. Just be sure to check that you have not missed any areas.

Forget about washing your hair, just pull it back into a sexy updo or pony tail.

Keep your favourite lipstick (can double as a blush if necessary) or lipgloss in the bathroom so you can apply quickly at the end of your routine.

Sleepy Mum Tip # 1 Always have a concealer in your bag to disguise dark circles from the sleepless nights. I know how hard it can be to take some time out for yourself. I remember with my first baby I could barely have a shower. He never slept and he hated the car, pram and just generally sleeping!! I was a wreck.

Sleepy Mum Tip # 2 To wake up the eyes (if they don’t want to wake them selves up!) use Mascara.

Sleepy Mum Tip # 3 Use lipgloss.  Its quicker and easier to put on than lipstick and gives you a fresh look.

Sleepy Mum Tip # 4  Use a white liner pencil.  It instantly makes eyes appear clearer

Sleepy Mum Tip # 5 Use blush (you can look a little pale from the sleepless nights).

Invest in a bronzing lotion for your legs.  Its quick and easy, doubles as a light moisturizer and takes the edge of bright white legs.

Use lipstick or lipgloss shades in Rich red, berry or any blue toned colour to make your bright pearly whites shine through and minimize the effect of all the caffeine you are drinking!



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