17 Bright Ideas For Reducing Time Spent On Your Weekly Chores

17 Bright Ideas For Reducing Time Spent On Your Weekly Chores

Another day, another list of chores to manage.

When you’re not vacuuming, you’re washing the dishes.

When you’re not washing the dishes, you’re on the ladder washing the windows.

And when you have finally recovered from feelings of vertigo after stepping down from your ladders, you’re reminded of your lawn, your rose beds, and the other weekly chores pertaining to your garden. 

If only you could have more time to put your feet up!

If only you could spend less time doing the housework and the gardening.

If only there were 17 tips available to read right now to help you do just that!

Well, quit it with the ‘if only’s’ because here we are to answer your desperate pleas for help!

Read on!

#1: Reach out to the professionals. Despite the expense, you can make your life a lot easier with a little professional help. Hiring a cleaner once a week will give you less reason to busy yourself with the vacuum. Hiring a gardener once a fortnight will give you less reason to grapple with the mower. And hiring a local window cleaner will give you less reason to risk your life on your ladders. Think about the jobs you hate then and find the professional services available to help in your area.

#2: Enlist your family. Your family probably cause a lot of the mess in your home anyway, so you shouldn’t have to bear the brunt of your weekly chores yourself. Use our family chore chart template, and from the youngest to the oldest member of your family, give them at least one job to do on a daily basis. Whether you bribe them or not is entirely up to you!

#3: Do a little bit a day. By devoting 15 minutes a day to your household chores, you will have little need to spend one day of the week exhausting yourself with overwork. So, place priorities on the tasks that need to be done the soonest, and leave anything that is less priority (and less noticeable) until another day.

#4: Clean as you go. When you’re finished in the bath, give it a quick rub down. When you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, get to work on any unwashed dishes in the sink. When you’re walking around the home, do so in a pair of dust mop slippers. By cleaning on the go, you will have less to do at a later date!

#5: Make cleaning fun. Fun and cleaning are not usually two words you would see together, but it is possible. So, when you’re setting about on your household chores, put on some rocking music, and as your body starts to move faster with the rhythm of your tunes, you might just finish your chores earlier than usual. And when you’re encouraging your children to clean up after themselves, turn housework into a game. You might time them to see who can put away their toys the fastest, for example.

#6: Go for a low-maintenance garden. You wouldn’t need to mow the lawn if you had artificial grass installed. You wouldn’t need to water the flowers if you opted for their plastic alternatives. And you wouldn’t need to spend a lot of time weeding if you spread mulch around your garden. These are just a few suggestions but go online to research more.

#7: Go for a low-maintenance home. As you might outdoors, take steps to make your home easier to manage too. So, you might replace carpeted areas with hardwood or linoleum, as you would have fewer issues with pet hairs and drink spills. You could install tilted windows so you could easily clean them from the inside. And you could add washable covers to your sofa, so you wouldn’t have to spend an age dealing with the aforementioned spills and hairs that your children and pets like to leave behind. Again, take a look online for more low-maintenance home ideas.

#8: Operate a ‘shoes off at the door’ policy. The more dirt and debris that enters your home, the more vacuuming you will have to do. Therefore, enforce a rule that shoes need to be left at the door or, at the very least, add doormats capable of collecting the brunt of the dirt before people enter your home.

#9: Implement further rules. Create a list of rules for each room of the home, and make sure you role model them to encourage other people to follow suit. So, you might have rules about toys, such as ‘put one thing away before getting out another.’ You might have a rule in the bathroom, such as ‘put used towels and clothes in the laundry before leaving the room.’ And you might have a rule in the kitchen, such as ‘wash your cups and plates after using them.’ 

#10: Create a pet cleaning station. Another way to prevent dirt spreading around the home is to have a pet cleaning station at your pet’s entry points. You don’t need to create anything fancy, as just having a towel, sponge, and a protective mat for your floor will do. Then, whenever Pooch or Mittens come in from their daily wanderings, you can quickly wipe off any dirt from them before they venture further. Alternatively, buy a goldfish!

#11: Buy a robot. Why get the vacuum cleaner out when you could simply program a robot to get on with this most hated household task for you. Check out some of the latest robot vacuums available from your local electronics store, then buy one according to your budget. You will then have the opportunity to put your feet up, while your miniature marvel gets to work on your behalf. 

#12: Declutter your home. It stands to reason that the less stuff you have, the less untidy your home will look. You will have to less to dust, polish, and mend too. So, go through your home and collect anything that is no longer needed. Then use our bright ideas on how to get rid of your unwanted stuff. You will have a tidier looking home in no time!

#13: Add cleaning caddies to each room. Going back to our point on cleaning as you go, you will be able to do this with ease if you add a cleaning caddy to each room of your home. Using buckets or baskets, add the essential items needed for cleaning, and then, when you see a job that needs doing, get on with it before leaving the room. 

#14: Repurpose your household products. Rather than leaving certain jobs to a later date because you don’t have the right supplies, have a look in your kitchen cupboards. Chances are, you will have something that can easily be used for some of your household tasks. A spray of white vinegar will quickly give your home surfaces a shine, for example, and the juice from a citrus fruit acts as a good disinfectant. By using such items, you won’t have to suffer a deluge of household chores after replenishing your usual cleaning supplies.

#15: Use good quality products. An old vacuum cleaner won’t have much sucking potential. A mop that is falling apart at the seams won’t make much of a difference to your bathroom or kitchen floors. A lawnmower with blades missing won’t make much of an impact to your garden areas. Sometimes, you have to relegate older items to the trash and replace them with something new and better. By doing so, you will be able to manage your household chores in half the time, and you won’t be forced to return to them at too soon a date.

#16: Purchase new storage. You won’t have to deal with clutter around your home if you have storage items in place. From extra shelves for your books and knickknacks to toy chests for your children’s playthings, you will be able to give every item a home if you think about your needs. You might also replace older furniture with their storage alternatives too, such as a coffee table with added storage for magazines and TV remotes, and a bed with underneath storage for your children’s toys. 

#17: Stop being a perfectionist. If your home is untidy occasionally, don’t sweat it! If the vicar isn’t coming for tea, and if your overly houseproud best friend isn’t coming over, then don’t worry if your home isn’t looking at its best. While we aren’t suggesting you should let your home go to ruin, you don’t have to fuss over every chore that isn’t a priority. Give yourself a break occasionally then, and put your feet up. After all, you do deserve a little bit of rest once in a while!

So, there we have it; 17 bright ideas for reducing time spent on your weekly chores. We hope they were useful to you, but let us know what you think. And if you have any bright ideas of your own, be sure to share them with us. 

Take care, and thanks for reading!

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