17 Bright Ideas for Road and Bike Safety Rules for Kids

17 Bright Ideas for Road and Bike Safety Rules for Kids

With so many cars on the roads these days, it is important for kids to understand the important rules when travelling in a car, riding a bike or simply walking to school. Here are 17 Bright Ideas for Road and Bike Safety Rules for your Kids. The special thing about this list is that it was written by one of our 17 Bright Idea family members: 6 year old James, especially for Road Safety Week. Well done James!  For more great tips on bike safety check out these from folding bike zone:  https://www.foldingbikezone.com/bike-safety-tips/

Bike Safety – Kids don’t go on the road with your bike or scooter without an adult. No playing on the road.

Bike Safety – Always wear a helmet when riding a bike or a scooter.

Bike Safety – Wear bright clothing when cycling at night and have a light on your bike so people can see you.

Bike Safety – Make sure your bike is working properly and you pump up your tires.

Bike Safety – Stop, look and listen before you cross a road. Always look left and right before crossing the road.

Bike Safety – Keep your hands on the handlebars at all times.

Car Safety – Don’t open the door when your parents are driving.

Car Safety – Always wear a seatbelt.

Car Safety – Always keep within the car. Don’t stick your arms out of the car windows.

Car Safety – Make sure you wear your seatbelt properly and that it is done up correctly. The lap belt should be on your lap and the shoulder strap over your shoulder!

Car Safety – If you undo your car seat buckle you may fall out of the car. Don’t play with it.

Car Safety – Kids should always sit in the back.

Car Safety – Always play nicely in the car so Mum and Dad can concentrate while they are driving.

Pedestrian Safety – Cross at the safest place. Cross at a pedestrian crossing if at all possible. Do not cross at corners.

Pedestrian Safety – Always follow the road rules.

Pedestrian Safety – Don’t walk around with your headphones on and mobile phone.

Pedestrian Safety –  If walking at night always carry a torch.


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  1. Well done James, you are always full of bright ideas…

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