17 Bright ideas for Smashing Through The Glass Ceiling

17 Bright ideas for Smashing Through The Glass Ceiling

Do you feel you are worthy of a senior managerial position? If not, you will be after reading this! A huge thanks to Cheryl A Daley, a leadership coach specialising in women in leadership for this informative list (check her out on https://au.linkedin.com/) This is the  second list in our series from Cheryl A Daley and deals with 17 Bright Ideas for Smashing Through The Glass Ceiling:

Ask for more!  Don’t deny that money is an important part of your role – Do some research and ask for what the role is worth, all too often women say “ it’s not about the money”.

Slow your roll – Women can often speak very quickly and this has the capacity to undermine your authority.

Leverage relationships  Women are fantastic at creating networks, not so great for Asking for something from their networks. Go ahead and ask, you know you will return the favour.

Don’t undervalue yourself  This may seem petty and simple but if you are always the one to offer to get coffee, or take notes to distribute or other tasks that ALWAYS put you in the servant role, it does convey that you do not see yourself as an equal.

Be careful being too emotional and emotive  Yes, show a human side of yourself by all means, and if you are upset or angry keep it in check, unless you have just won the biggest account your company has ever had and then by all means “squeal like a girl and do a little dance”.

Don’t defer to others  Sometimes it is good to defer to others at the table, if you do it too often others will wonder why you are there. If you don’t know, by all means control the situation and say you will come back to the group.

Be Ok with not being everyone’s friend  It is lonely at the top, get a coach or a mentor so you feel connected in a leadership kind of way.

A little privacy is a good thing  Public grooming, personal phone calls, and too much detail steps over the boundary.

Find a cure for STO’s  Stop saying sorry, saying Sorry Too Often, especially for things that are not your responsibility undermines your authority.

Be clear on your Goals  If you want to move up be clear and communicate it to those who can influence.

Break the rules  Be prepared to take risks and sometimes go outside of the scope of your role. Women are very good at weighing up risks, we have a very clear picture of what can go wrong. Even if it doesn’t go exactly to plan, you have it within your capacity to fix it Note: research is required – to make a well-considered risk, don’t take a risk for risks sake.

Don’t be a fashionista at work  Be modern, be unique and above all be appropriate, just because something is fashionable, doesn’t mean that it is appropriate in the Boardroom.

Embrace conflict  Trying to always appease everyone and short circuit conflict will indicate you may struggle with managing performance or challenges.

Hoot a little  Undervaluing language such as “oh it was nothing” “I am Just an MBA” “I couldn’t have done it without you” convince others of your value. It is ok to talk about your achievements as long as that’s not all you talk about.

Stay on Task  Over explaining and giving too much information as preamble when it is not necessary can look like you are seeking external validation.

Don’t Accept the Unacceptable  If you don’t stop behaviour that is unacceptable it will continue and undermine your position. The saying “you teach others how to treat you” is critical in senior position.

Speak up  This works on two fronts, don’t sit back silently in a meeting if you have something to contribute. It is also important to speak in a volume that can be heard and that creates authority.

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