17 Bright Ideas For Spring Cleaning Your Home
Ideas For Spring Cleaning Your Home

17 Bright Ideas For Spring Cleaning Your Home

With the end of the year fast approaching, you may be tired of the festive clutter by the time Christmas is over and done with and ready for a clean slate. Spring cleaning and decluttering can be a real joy when you approach it properly – there’s a huge amount of satisfaction to be had in clearing the decks and creating a beautiful, gleaming, organised home for 2019. Follow these too tips to get your home sparkling for the year ahead… Start With A Declutter  – Begin by having a clear out of everything you no longer use or love. If you haven’t used an item in the last six months, with the exception of seasonal gear and clothing, then it needs to go. Make three piles – keep, donate and throw away and be ruthless about what you want to hold on to. Possessions should not rule your life, so don’t keep stuff unless it’s useful or beautiful – preferably both. Deep Clean Those Carpets… Dust, dirt, pet hair, shed skin cells – The stuff that works it’s way into our carpets is utterly disgusting. Look into hiring carpet cleaners for your home, especially in rooms where the furniture is heavy and doesn’t get moved often. Deep cleaning can make your carpet look like new and really freshen up your home. And The Oven – Another space that gets massively dirty is your oven, especially if you cook a lot. Clean it naturally without heavy chemicals using a bicarbonate of soda solutions sprayed onto the interior (but do avoid the heating elements), leave overnight and then wipe down with white vinegar to finish. Freshen Up Your Fridge – Not many people clean out the fridge as often as they should, leading to a build up of old pieces of food, stains and watermarks. Battle it easily using normal toothpaste and an old toothbrush which lets you get into all the awkward crevices. When you’re done, slice a lemon up and leave it in the fridge as a natural odour absorber. Get Steamy With Your MicrowaveMicrowave ovens come into close contact with our food, so they should be kept clean. It’s easy to improve the hygiene of your appliance with a bowl of white vinegar and water. Heat it up in the microwave for ten minutes to create steam that will loosen stubborn baked on stains, then simply dampen a j-cloth and wipe dirt away. Clean Out Your Closet – Most of us have plenty of clothes that don’t fit or that we have no call to wear. Make getting rid of them easy by trying the hanger hack. Simply turn every item so the hangers are facing the wrong way. Each time you wear, wash and return something, turn the hanger back the right way. After a couple of months you’ll be able to clearly see exactly what you are and aren’t wearing. Store Away Out Of Season Items – Once you have cleaned out your closet, take a look at the unworn items. Take anything that you haven’t worn because it’s out of season and get some vacuum pack storage bags. These clever inventions allow you to store large amounts of bulky sweaters and jeans in less space by reducing them right down. Freshen Up Your Bed – If your bed linen is looking a little faded and worn, bring it back to life using that bicarbonate of soda you got and some of the white vinegar. Soak them in there to help get rid of any odours and freshen them up before running through a wash cycle. Deodorise Your Mattress – Mattresses can’t be washed, so it can be hard to get them smelling good. Overcome the problem by mixing bicarbonate of soda with a few drops of essential oils, sprinkling over the mattress, leaving for a couple of hours and then vacuuming up. This trick also works for carpets and sofas! Clean While You Sleep – If you don’t have much time, the idea of being able to clean the house while you’re sleeping is hugely appealing. If only, right? Well, you can make it a reality by getting your bathroom super clean overnight. White vinegar can help to break down stubborn limescale and remove stains from toilets, showers and sinks. Just spray it on and leave overnight, or fill a sandwich bag with it and tie it around the shower head, then rinse away in the morning. Prep Your Fireplace – If you have a fireplace, it tends to be in a lot of use over the festive season and will be crying out for a spring clean. Line your hearth with old newspaper and use a broom to remove ashes and soot. A wire brush, baking soda and warm water will clean away the remaining dust and soot from brick work. Do Over Your Medicine Cabinet  – Take out any expired medications and return them to your local pharmacy for safe disposal rather than binning them. Stock up on fresh supplies of first aid basics like plasters, bandages, antiseptic spray and paracetamol at the same time. Easily Remove Pet Hairs – Our four legged friends are lovely, but they do tend to shed all over the place! A pair of rubber gloves is your secret weapon for removing pet hair from carpets and upholstery. Simply put them on and rub the surface to catch all the hair. Have A Paper Amnesty – We generate huge amounts of waste paper. Cut down by going paperless with your bank statements, cancelling unread magazine subscriptions and unwanted catalogues and using an app like Readly instead, and taking a trip to the recycling centre with your old newspapers. Makeover Your Kitchen Cupboards – Clean out your kitchen cupboard by binning expired or unused food items and investing in reusable glass containers and a label maker to store dry goods and keep them near. Sort Out Your Shed – Sheds can get extremely neglected. Give yours a fresh coat of paint and get some metal shelving units and mounted hooks to store items like a lawnmower off the floor. Tackle Your Linen Closet – Have a clear out of sheets that have seen better days, match all the sets by folding bed linen into a pillowcase to keep them together, and air out any blankets that have gotten a little musty before refolding with essential oil linen sachets.

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