17 Bright Ideas for the Benefits of a Portable Sauna

17 Bright Ideas for the Benefits of a Portable Sauna

Ever considered a portable sauna? Portable far infrared saunas are not exactly a household item in Australia, but they should be. The Asians and Europeans have known about them for years, where they are widely used in homes, salons and wellness centres. Portable far infrared saunas offer both physical and mental relaxation, as well  as a whole range of health benefits. Here are just a few.

Mental relaxation – Radiant heat is naturally relaxing for the body, and when the body is relaxed, the mind is better able to relax as well. Combine a sauna treatment with soft music or a meditation tape, and the benefits double.

Physical relaxation – Far infrared heat relieves sore muscles after a workout or gardening, or even just after a long day at the office. It’s the equivalent of lying on a beach in full sun, only without any of the harmful UV rays.

Convenience – You can use a portable sauna in the privacy of your own home. You don’t have to drive to a salon, only to leave it in a sweaty, dishevelled state. And you can walk straight into your own shower afterwards!

Fun – You can be naked inside the sauna (something you can’t do on the beach unless you want to get arrested)! This allows every part of your body to enjoy those relaxing and health-promoting rays.

Comfort – You can work up a great sweat, and it’s so much more comfortable than using a traditional steam sauna. Why? Because with a steam sauna or any box-enclosure sauna, your head ends up in the heated space, creating unnecessary pressure on the brain (and usually resulting in a headache). With a portable FIR sauna, your head stays outside the heat zone and within normal room temperature levels.

Improved blood flow – You can lie down in a portable sauna dome. It aids relaxation, and it places your body in the best possible position for blood flow and lymphatic drainage to work efficiently.

Practicality – You can store the sauna in a corner when you don’t need it, so it’s great even for small apartments. The two halves of the sauna slide together, and they can even be stored upright in a walk-in robe or a cupboard.

Portability – You can take the sauna with you to visit friends or others who want to use it. When folded for storage, the sauna fits into the back of a VW Golf hatch-back, and each separate half of the sauna is light enough to carry easily.

Detoxification – A portable far infrared sauna can help remove heavy metals and other contaminants from your body. The far infrared rays penetrate several centimetres below the skin surface, and the sweat produced by this type of sauna is not just sodium and water; a percentage of the fluid lost actually contains environmental contaminants.

Beauty – You could help reduce cellulite over time and with regular use. Cellulite is simply pockets of fat that have bound to substances which the body can’t break down, usually in areas where lymphatic drainage and circulation are poor. The deep-penetrating far infrared rays can stimulate even deep seated fat deposits to become dislodged and broken down by the body.

Weight Loss – It can assist with weight loss when combined with appropriate diet and exercise. This is because you actually burn calories even though you’re lying completely still. The increased heart rate and sweating produced in a far infrared sauna create a similar effect in your body to actual physical exercise.

Reduced blood pressure – A portable sauna can help lower blood pressure with regular use. This is because the far infrared heat expands your blood vessels and increases your heart rate – creating better blood flow.

Lymphoedema – It can help with general oedema and even with localised lymphoedema (fluid build-up in an arm or a leg due to surgery). Unlike heat caused by a steam sauna or a warm bath – which opens lymphatic vessels but doesn’t help with the removal of fluid – the far infrared rays from a portable sauna can actually stimulate lymphatic drainage.

Beautiful skin – It improves skin tone and elasticity. This is because the far infrared heat opens the pores, allowing a deep, cleansing and detoxifying sweat all over your body. Your skin will glow afterwards.

Skin healing – Far infrared heat can assist with scar healing and wound healing, especially for those suffering with long-term redness due to keloid scarring (where scars look inflamed and take much longer to subside). The far infrared heat from a portable sauna can actually help existing scars to fade more quickly.

Improved sleep – The ‘internal work out’ your body receives from a sauna session, combined with the relaxation this creates afterwards, can assist with sleeping problems caused by stress and anxiety. It’s a great experience for people who otherwise can’t find a way to unwind.

Immune system – A portable far infrared sauna may help stimulate white blood cells to multiply, thereby improving your immune system. And it’s great to know that you can do this at home as often as you like.

  • Thanks to SunDynamica for this bright ideas list.
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