17 Bright Ideas For Tips On Taking Care Of Your Dog

17 Bright Ideas For Tips On Taking Care Of Your Dog

The idea of adopting a cute and cuddly puppy can be very tempting but there are a few things to consider before you adopt a dog. Denise from D’s Dog Grooming gives us her 17 bright ideas for grooming and taking care of your dog:

Provide water and food – This might sound obvious but all dogs will need to have fresh water available to them all the time and you will need to provide them with appropriate food morning and night. A combination of dry and wet food is a good idea and consider your dogs age and condition of their teeth when choosing food.

Regularly visit your vet – Make sure to take your pet for regular check-ups and immunisations with a vet you trust. It is also important to use a flea and worm control for your dog. Make sure to take this with you to your groomer so they can put it on after their grooming.

Consider taking your dog to a groomer on a regular basis– Don’t just think ‘poodle’ haircut. A groomer is someone who will assist you in caring for your dogs wellbeing. Even if you feel you can handle bathing your dog once a week, consider a groomer for nail clipping, ear and eye care or a relaxing hydro surge bath.  Take a look at what services D’s Dog Grooming offers or ask your local groomer.

Build a repour with your vet and groomer – Both your vet and your groomer will help you to care for your dog throughout its life so it’s important to feel comfortable with them and know that you can ask them questions. You want to feel that they care for your pet as much as you do.

Desex your dog from age 6mths – Unless your a licenced breeder, it is important to have them desexed. It is ethically responsible.

Walk your dog at least once a day – All dogs need exercise so it’s important to get them out of the house. The more active the dog, the longer the walks need to be.

Socialise your dog from a young age – The more people your dog meets and interacts with, the more social they will be, as they get older. Consider a puppy school and obedience training for your pooch. Find out where your local dog parks are and aim to visit them at least several times a week.

Mental stimulation is important for your dog – Play games with your dog to keep their brain active. Before you adopt your dog, understand the bread and how much mental stimulation is required. A cattle dog will require a lot of mental activity. Look at ways to challenge them mentally or join a class such as agility training.

Play with your pups legs and paws from a young age – These are sensitive areas for dogs so gently playing and touching their leg and paw area from a young age will help to make them less sensitive and will make nail clipping and grooming much easier.

Wait until your puppy is 5-6mths old before their first grooming visit – You really want their first grooming experience to be great so waiting until they are a bit older can help them to have less stress over the experience. There is also a chance that you can change the way the hair grows on your pup, if clipped too early.

Before you choose a new groomer, ask lots of questions – Ask about the groomers procedures: Where are they located or do they come to you? How many pets do they groom at one time? Are the dogs held in cages? How long is the grooming process? What experience have they had?

Know what look you want for your dog – Just like when you get your hair cut, have an idea of what look you’d like for your pup before you get to the groomer. Do some research online or call a breeder for suggestions. Also feel you can discuss options with your groomer before they start.

Your groomer should aim to meet your needs – A good dog groomer should be able to listen and follow through on your, and your pets, needs. If you feel that you are not getting the service you have requested, think about looking for a new groomer.

Take your dog for a walk before their grooming session – This will help to get rid of excess energy and will also help them to be less stressed when they are being groomed.

A groomer should take extra care with older dogs – be sure to mention your dogs age when you visit a new groomer. Older dogs need a little more care. The groomer may need to make adjustments to their process or the cut due to a pet’s age.

Make your groomer aware of any skin issues – If the vet has prescribes a special shampoo or skin cream, make sure to bring it with you on your visit to the groomer. In special cases, you may want to bring with you instructions from the vet or leave the vets phone number.

Discuss your dog’s health with your groomer when you make an appointment – It is important to let your groomer know of any health issues that your dog may have so they can take care when grooming. It is important to let them know if they have an illness or injury before your visit so they can make a judgement call on how it may affect other pets in their care.

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