17 Bright Ideas for Toys for Boys Aged 6-8 yrs old

17 Bright Ideas for Toys for Boys Aged 6-8 yrs old

It can be difficult buying toys for kids who are a different age group or sex to your own kids, or if you don’t have kids to help you out.  Never fear here is our list of the bright ideas for boy’s toys, suitable for boys aged around 6 yrs to 8 years that they will love.  Most of these are reasonably priced, easy to find in major department stores and won’t break the bank.

Stomp rocket / Pop Up a Rocket – Includes a launch pad and a rocket usually made of foam.  You stomp on the launch pad and the air propels the rocket.  You will be amazed how high they go.  Make sure you get a packet with a few rockets because I guarantee their will be one on the roof and one over the fence before you can blink.

Lego – You can’t go wrong with this one. There are so many different varieties.  Lego Chima, Lego City for kids that love trucks, police stations, fire engines and gold mining.  Lego Ninjego for little ninjas warriors, and Star Wars for lover of all things galactic.

Transformers – Like the song says “ Robots in disguise”.  Robots that turn or “transform” into other objects usually vehicles.  Bumblebee is a big favorite (he turns into a car), Optimus Prime turns into a truck, and some of the Decepticons turn into everyday machinery.   Autobots are the Goodies (and have blue eyes) and Decepticons the badies (and have red eyes).

Skylanders – A video game series that can be played in conjunction with toy figures, via a portal of power.  Figurines are from 8 different elements – earth, air, fire, magic, water, life, tech and undead.  Can be played on Playstation. Xbox 360, and Wii.  If giving as a gift best check what system they are using.

Scooter – the razor kick scooter is very popular and great for this age range.  Kids this age can definetly manage a two-wheeler and these ones are tough.

Super Fun Marble Run  / Marble Race Game – Kids can build a course and then watch the marble “Run” through their course.  Great for teaching about construction. momentum, and gravity and heaps of fun.  Will keep them entertained for hours.

Books – According to Amazon the books that 7 yr old actually want to read are – the Captain Underpants Series (my son loves these), The Big Book of Tashi, Just Annoying and Just Disgusting, Invisible Stanley, anything by Roald Dahl and the Horrible Henry Series.

Remote Control Cars / Trucks/ Boats  – there are even remote control dinosaurs.  Check the battery life when buying these types of products as some run out of battery within less than 30 mins.

Torch – This one comes as an experience.  Buy the boy a torch then wait until its pitch black dark and then let him loose in the backyard (or somewhere equally as safe).  You could even make up some sort of game for him to play such as a treasure hunt or rescue mission etc.  If the boy has brothers or sisters you may need to buy them a small torch too – everyone will want to get in on the action!

Slip n Slide – An oldie but a goodie.  Water from the hose pours onto a really long plastic sheet making it slippery.   Summer fun for everyone.

Meccano – a model construction system that consists of re usable strips, plates, wheels etc. connected by nuts and bolts.  Kids can make all sorts of mechanical devices.  Fantastic for any budding engineers.

Magic Tricks – Boys in this age group are tricky so why not put it to use and teach them some magic.  Boxes of magic tricks are easy to come by.  The Australia Geographic shop has some that look great.

Nerf Gun – A gun that shoots foam “bullets”, some which have suction cups.    Most boys will love them but make sure the parents don’t mind.

Tent – You can get cheap tents online for as little as $29.  Boys will have loads of fun using it as a cubby house, role playing or even sleeping in the backyard (or lounge room during the school holiday!)

Soccer Ball / Swing Tennis  / Sporting Equipment– Encourage boys this age to play outside with balls, tennis, cricket, soccer net, skate board etc.  The list is endless.

Angry Birds Outdoor Action Game – Toss the Angry Birds at the greedy pig and see where he lands on the scoring mat.    You get a scoring mat, 2 angry birds a minion pig, 3 stacking blocks and a scoring pad.

Hot Wheels Cars and Sets – One of the most famous car sets.  It now owns Matchbox also.  There are a vast array of different sets but can include die cast cars, charge ups, car blasters, and colour change cars. 


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