17 Bright Ideas For Travel Essentials When Holidaying With Kids

17 Bright Ideas For Travel Essentials When Holidaying With Kids

Packing up the car and setting off on a weekend away is what we Australians live for. We’re known for loving a good adventure whether it‘s a quick weekend at the beach, a week camping or an extensive overseas holiday – we’re down with it all! Next time you’re packing for a getaway with the kids, regardless of how big or small it may be, throw these 17 travel essentials in your bag and be ready for whatever comes your family’s way! Brought to you by Para’Kito; the natural way to protect your children from mosquitoes this summer.

A Versatile Bag – First things first, you need a good quality, versatile bag – on wheels! There’s no doubt that wheeled suitcases, backpacks and duffle bags have revolutionized the way we travel and kids love walking alongside their parents with their mini-suitcases, printed with their favourite characters, of course!

Comfortable Flat Shoes – Think about how often you chase your kids around when you’re at home, then times that by 100 and you’ve got what it will be like when on holidays! Comfortable shores are a must so you can experience everything there is on offer and keep up with the little ones.

Para’Kito – Travelling often means warm climates and tropical environments, and this can only mean one thing, mosquitoes. Para’Kito, an all natural mosquito and insect protection device (worn on a wrist band or clip) offers 24-hour coverage for 15 days straight, even if you get it wet – an absolute travel essential for the entire family! Check them out on Facebook – www.facebook.com/Para’Kito.

Travel Size Toiletries – Small clear bottles are available from every supermarket and are perfect for putting all of your essentials in. This can also turn into a fun game before you’ve left home, let your kids help you transfer the product into the smaller containers – whilst this will be fun for the kids, this will also get very messy! You’ve been warned! .

A Good Book – Holidays can be demanding and tiring, and even more so for your children. Depending on their age, a good book is often a great way to encourage some ‘down’ time whilst on holiday.

Copies of Important Documents – This is a biggie, especially if you’re heading overseas. Making copies of your passport, license, itinerary and scripts for any prescription medication that you or your children need to take, can save you some heartache if you are to lose one or more of these items.

iPad or Tablet – Think about it; being able to share a Facetime moment with family back home or keep friends updated on your travels is priceless … and it doubling as invaluable entertainment for the children when travelling great distances is even more priceless. But don’t forget, if you are taking it along with you – be sure to pack your charger! It’s also great when you need to keep kids entertained in the car or restaurants.

Camera – There’s no doubt that holiday happy snaps are usually amongst the most cherished of family photos. Let the kids have some fun taking photos as well! All the major brands have cameras suitable for kids these days, investing in one will see hours and hours of fun for the kids while you’re away.

Sun Protection – This is an oldie, but a goodie. Make sure you always pack sunscreen that is at least SPF30, a large sun hat, kaftan or sun shirt for when you’re at the beach, and sit in the shade whenever possible.

An Old Favourite – Younger kids can find being out of their traditional environment quite confronting, make sure you always back one of their favourite toys to help ease the transition. Tell them their favourite toy is coming on the adventure with them; you’ll be surprised how excited they’ll be when learning they can experience the holiday with a ‘friend’.

Plan, Plan, Plan – When it comes to travelling with children and keeping them entertained, research and planning is your best friend! Research what attractions are available and suitable for your children and when they’re open, this way you’ll be prepared for when you get asked ‘what are we doing now, mum?’

Travel Insurance – A travelling must! Time spent on holidays can mean many unwanted surprises, stay safe and sleep comfortably at night knowing you are covered if anything does go wrong.

Travel Night-Light – Younger kids can get scared when staying in a foreign place for the first time. Travel night-lights are perfect to help solve this problem and these days they come in a variety of fun designs and shapes.

Beach Tote – Trips to the beach are memories kept forever. To ensure all trips to the beach are as simple and pleasant as possible, pack a large beach tote in your luggage for all beach essentials – yours and theirs.

Journal – Spare time on holidays is best spent relaxing. Why not relax and write in your own journal? Treasure your memories and time spent with family best by writing them all down in a travelling journal. This is a great keep-sake and is perfect to reflect over in the years to come.

Waterproof Zip-Lock Bags – You never know when you’ll be thankful for a waterproof zip-lock bag!

Games – Now we’re not taking games you need to lug around, we’re talking easy to play games that can be pulled out in almost any situation such as the license plate game, travel bingo or something as simple as ‘I spy with my little eye’. Being prepared will keep your kids entertained when in transit. You could also take a look at our e-book as it has a great list of 17 bright ideas of things to do with kids on long car trips. It has some really great ideas.

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