17 Bright Ideas for Using Artwork To Decorate Your Home

17 Bright Ideas for Using Artwork To Decorate Your Home

Nobody likes bare walls – they make a room look and feel incomplete. Hanging artworks on your walls will provide the finishing touch to your room. It will enhance its best features and compensate for lack of space, depth or colour. Better yet, wall art can be the easiest way of showcasing your taste, personality, and lifestyle and putting your own stamp on your home. Decorate your home with these 17 bright ideas from Richard Tarrant at PictureStore.

Buy what you love – Hanging art is about tailoring your home to reflect your personality. So make sure the artwork you buy suits your own style and taste.

Choose a theme and stick with it – Make sure that your artwork blends in with the overall theme of each room. Whether you display children’s paintings in the kid’s bedroom or black and white photographs in an elegant living room, you want your wall art to add to (rather than detract from) the room’s aesthetics.

Create a feature or gallery wall – If you have a big wall space, you can spice it up with an arresting gallery of pictures. Start with the biggest pieces in the middle and work around them with smaller works. Keep a uniform distance between each piece. For more tips on creating an effective feature wall, click here.

Mix frame styles – While you may have a general theme for the subject matter in your pictures, you can make a gallery wall more interesting and unique by mixing up frames of different styles, materials and finishes.

Hang at the right height for the viewer – It’s important to think about who you want to see your art. Our tip is to hang wall art at the eye level of the intended viewer. If you’re hanging art in your kid’s room for example, put it at a suitable height for the kids to look at in comfort. If you’re hanging artworks in the lounge room, you may want to consider displaying it level with your guests’ eyesight when they’re seated. 

Layer your display – You don’t always have to hang art from the walls. You can give a display depth by layering pieces over one another. Hang some images from the wall and lean others up against it from a side table. 

Use mirrors and artwork strategically – If you have a narrow corridor or similar enclosed space, you can place a beautiful print on one wall and a mirror reflecting that print opposite it. Your room will instantly feel larger!

Pick a statement piece – Give a large extent of wall a bit more pizzazz, by classing it up with a statement piece, such as a large, bold painting or a huge mirror.

Think outside the square – Your artwork doesn’t necessarily have to be a shop-bought print or painting. You can make a gallery display even more unique by framing an element of nature, such as a leaf or shells, or vintage pieces, like antique keys.

Add a mat – If you’re framing an elegant painting, consider adding a mat between the picture and the frame. A mat adds sophistication and gives the overall image a more professional touch. Coloured mats also allow you to highlight subject matter and colours in your pictures.

Reflect your local environment – Emphasize your local history and geography with unique landscape paintings. You may be able to find distinctive works at local galleries, art fairs or even flea markets.

Don’t underestimate smaller artworks – If one large piece of art looks overbearing in your small room or is simply too expensive, create a gallery of smaller pieces with frames in the same finish or colour. You can combine small artworks with a postcard montage or family photographs.

Group small details together – This point goes hand-in-hand with the one above. Don’t leave small works of art to get swallowed up by a large wall. If you’ve got a lot of small details, combining them into one effective piece can create high-impact on a bare wall.

Use symmetry – Creating symmetry in a room can look striking if done well. Be careful to match accessories (including the subject matter in artworks and the frames) appropriately. Grid galleries add effective symmetry to a room, especially if they are simple black and white photographs bordered with black matte frames.

Enlarge your room – Artworks are the ideal way to expand a small room. Large landscape paintings with faraway horizons lengthen a room considerably. They give the illusion of the wide, open spaces you may crave in such confinement!

Frame embroidered prints – Embroidered prints are easy enough to pick up from flea markets, craft markets or estate sales. They can add that quaint, rustic touch to your home that is sometimes absent in standard prints.

Use fabric panels or wall murals It may be that you have your own home and can stamp your own unique style on the walls with tasteful wall murals. But if you live in an apartment or rental property and are restricted by what you can do to the walls, it’s worth considering hanging fabric panels. They add a touch of classy décor to bare walls without being a permanent fixture.


  • Richard Tarrant is the founder and CEO of PictureStore, Australia’s first and largest online company selling art prints and posters nationwide. He has been working since October 2000 to make wall art accessible to all Australians.
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