17 Bright Ideas for Your Next Work Party

17 Bright Ideas for Your Next Work Party

Does the thought of another office work party make you want to fall asleep? If you’re planning your next corporate function and want to impress your co-workers, here are 17 unique ideas that put a creative spin on ordinary work parties.

Bowling – Bowling is a timeless activity that’s simple enough for anyone to pick-up and play. If you want to increase the stakes with some friendly competition, you can include prize giveaways too.

Mini Golf –Put your putting skills to the test and journey through a labyrinth of inventive mini-golf courses. Book a day or night time session and celebrate with a round of drinks afterwards.


Karaoke – Whether you’re an aspiring pop-star or just looking to sing your heart out, a private karaoke session gives you the space to express yourself freely. Sing the night away with your choice of the latest tunes and classic favourites.


Escape Room – Escape rooms are the latest craze in interactive entertainment. In an intense race against the clock, you must work together with your co-workers to solve puzzles, locate hidden objects, and unravel the mystery to reach the thrilling conclusion.


Dinner Theatre – Enjoy a unique dining experience with a live performance combining musical theatre, audience participation and drama. From magic shows to cabaret and murder mystery games – there’s plenty of entertainment options on offer.


Go Karting – Want to become a motorsport champion? Take part in the ultimate go karting experience. Race during the day or night on an outdoor track full of twists, turns and long stretches to reach maximum speed.


Paintball – Step into your camo gear, fill up on paintball ammo and prepare yourself for battle. Fight for survival along with your co-workers by participating in various game modes including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture-the-Flag.


Indoor Archery – Indoor archery is an emerging sport that places two teams against each other in an indoor arena. By using traditional bows and rubber arrows, you’ll experience an intense round of team-based matches.


Sporting Events – Is your workplace obsessed with all things sport? Whether your co-workers are passionate about AFL, soccer, tennis, NRL or anything else – a day out on the green is the perfect way to unwind and support your favourite team.


Movie Night – Grab some popcorn, kick back and watch the latest films on the big screen. If you want to socialise before or after the movie, book a dinner or lunch to celebrate the occasion too.


Theme Park – Treat your co-workers to the ultimate theme park experience. Roller coasters, bumper cars, shooting galleries, cotton candy and of course – plenty of show bags to take home with you.


Day at the Zoo – Marvel at the local and international wildlife at the Zoo. Get up close and personal with meerkats, tigers, koalas, kangaroos, pandas and many more wonders of the animal kingdom.


Dress-Up Party – Want to put a spin on the average office party? Have a party based on a chosen theme. Go back to the 00’s, 90’s or 80’s. Dress up as your favourite actors, musicians or sports stars. Let your imagination go wild!


Celebrate Unconventional Holidays – Tired of celebrating the same old holidays every year? Try celebrating an unconventional holiday instead. From Opposite Day to Napping Day and Chocolate Chip Day – there are many little-known holidays to liven up the workplace.


Boat Cruise – Enjoy the sights and sounds of your local area in a whole new way. Take your co-workers on an unforgettable journey across the water with a private office party, lunch or dinner.


Awards Night – Celebrate another successful year of business with your own awards night. Hire a venue, live entertainment, catering and an MC – and you’ve got a recipe for a successful event.

Picnic at the Beach – Who doesn’t love the sand between their toes and their is no better way to enjoy partying with your work colleagues than to get out in the sun and relax. Have everyone bring their favourite picnic dish to share.  Give everyone a picnic rug as a gift!


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