17 Bright Ideas to Freshen Up Your Bed

17 Bright Ideas to Freshen Up Your Bed

Your bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom. It’s the most important piece of furniture in the room, as well as most likely the biggest. If you want to keep your bedroom looking beautiful, you have to take care of the bed. There are more ways to freshen up your bed than you might realize. From changing the bedding to adding a homemade headboard, you have a huge number of options for giving your bed a new look. It’s also important to keep it looking and smelling clean and fresh, so caring for your bed is essential too. Try these ideas to freshen up your bed.

Get a New Frame or Base – If you’re looking for a big change, a new bed is going to help you transform your bedroom completely.

Replace Your Mattress – A good mattress is an excellent investment that should last for years. Perhaps it’s time to replace yours.

Clean Your Existing Mattress – You can also give your current mattress a deep clean to ensure you have a healthy place to sleep.

Get New Bedding – A new set of bedding like Bedloves premium French flax linen duvet cover set in grey is a simple but effective way to freshen up your bed.

Change Your Bedding Setup – You can change the bedding you use too. If you usually have a blanket or quilt, try out a duvet instead.

Wash Your Bedding – All of It – When was the last time you washed your pillows? Next time you clean your bedding, make sure you do it all.

Add Some Decorative Items Throw pillows, canopies, and bed runners all help to dress up your bed during the day to keep it beautiful.

Create a Schedule for Changing the Bedding – Never leave it too long between clean bedding again when you create yourself a schedule to make sure you do it regularly.

Add a Headboard – A headboard creates a striking feature for your bed. Buy one or make one yourself for something unique.

Clean Upholstered Elements – If you have a divan bed or upholstered headboard, clean it regularly to keep it in excellent condition.

Air Out Your Bed – Let your bed breathe now and then so it stays fresh. Let the mattress breathe, especially, and turn it over now and then.

Protect Your Mattress – You can extend the life of your mattress with a mattress protector to keep it clean.

Dust Off the Frame – Give the frame of your bed a dust and wipe it clean on occasion too.

Add a Bench or Trunk at the End of the Bed – An upholstered bench or a wooden trunk will give your bed a sophisticated feel.

Frame the Bed with Side Tables – If you don’t already have side tables, they can be a useful and attractive addition to your bed.

Hand Make Some Elements – Adding handmade items to your bed, such as a quilt, gives it a personal touch.

Make It a Four-poster – You can even turn your bed into a four-poster frame by adding posts to each corner.

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