17 Bright Ideas For Gentle Exercise
gentle exercise

17 Bright Ideas For Gentle Exercise

Gentle exercises are perfect for helping to build muscles, stretch and tone without putting pressure on your joints. Whether you are recovering from an injury or you are an older person wanting to stay in shape, any of these exercises could be ideal for you.

Walking – Walking is one of the best ways to stretch your muscles without putting too much pressure on yourself. Gently increase your stamina without pushing too hard.

Nordic Walking – If you are ready to take walking to the next level, Nordic walking is a brilliant way to give your whole body a work out. Walkers use walking poles (similar to ski poles) to work the upper body.

Pilates – The main principle of Pilates is to learn to control your breathing while you gently flex and stretch your muscles. Gradually, your balance and your posture will improve.

Yoga Yoga is an ancient exercise that can be suitable for anyone. Like pilates, as you progress, you will find that yoga can become more intense as you master different poses.

Chair Yoga – If you have rheumatoid arthritis, chair yoga is a great way to build up your muscle mass without putting any pressure on your joints.

Swimming – Water is ideal for holding some of your weight, taking the pressure off your joints and supporting your balance. Warm water is ideal if you are a slower swimmer.

Aquacise – Swimming isn’t the only thing you can do in the pool. Aquacise is ideal and there are a few simple exercises you can do by yourself or you can find a local class to join.

Dancing – A more fun way to get some exercise is to dance to your favourite songs. Go at your own pace, throw some of your best shapes and enjoy yourself!

Tai Chi – As a ‘soft’ martial art, Tai Chi is focused on slow, purposeful movements. Often done outside, Tai Chi is ideal for enjoying some fresh air while working on your posture.

Bowls – A game of bowls on a nice day is a lovely way to stretch your legs and work on your balance.

Fairy Footsteps – Simply walk in a straight line putting your heel right up against your toes. Concentrate on your balance and hold your arms out if you need.

Neck Exercises – A few gentle neck exercises is perfect for releasing tension and may also help to prevent headaches and migraines.

Hip Flexors – Lift your knee up and rotate it away from your body before putting your foot back down and doing the same on the other side.

Toe Pointing – Simply lie on your back, point one toe, allowing the other hip to rise and then repeat on the other side.

Exercise Bike – Take the weight off and work just your legs on an exercise bike. Choose the chair version rather than the saddle to help avoid any back pain.

Weight Training – Though weight training is thought of as an intense exercise, using smaller weights but doing more repetitions is good for building your muscles and stamina.

Golf – A good walk spoilt or a nice way to get out and play a few casual holes with friends.



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